At Miracles Apollo Cradle, we offer exclusive professional and highly-specialized maternity packages and prenatal care to our patients. Booking our package will help you plan your pregnancy better and also avail a lot more benefits like discounts on lab tests, scans, consultations, delivery, rooms, and much more. So, go ahead and book our package that best suits you.

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About Miracles Apollo Cradle

Miracles Apollo Cradle brings to you the best Pregnancy Packages or Child Birth Packages specially crafted, keeping in mind your comfort and convenience. Our team consists of top-notch doctors who work in a high-quality hygienic environment and provide compassionate care with the help of unmatched medical technology and a team of highly experienced specialists.

The hospital offers an unbeatable birthing experience with personalised care backed by the best-in-class doctors & infrastructure. Our team of experts at Miracles Apollo Cradle, Gurgaon give comprehensive birthing care for every kind of birthing, be it natural birthing or high-risk pregnancy.

Why Miracles Apollo Cradle?

Miracles Apollo Cradle is the leading Maternity Hospital in Gurgaon. We are dedicated to the care of women & children. We are renowned for providing compassionate & efficient care in a comfortable and home-like environment.

6 Lakh + Patients Treated

Trusted Experts With Over 45+ Years Of Experience

15,000+ Deliveries

#1 Maternity and Children’s Hospital Chain in Gurgaon

Expertise in High-Risk Birthing

20+ Years of Experience

Our Specialities

Maternity is the most special time in any woman’s life. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. But you can leave all your worries behind as we offer you exceptional Maternity and Baby delivery care.

Normal Delivery

Caesarean Delivery

High Risk Pregnancy

Real Patients, Real Stories

If you are trying to find the best hospital for normal delivery, Apollo Cradle can be your one-stop solution. With top-notch gynaecologists like Dr. Sheela Gaur and Veenu Aggarwal, the hospital boasts an impeccable infrastructure and prompt staff who understand patients’ requirements better than anything. I went for Miracles Apollo Cradle and I would strongly recommend the hospital for expecting parents who want normal delivery.

Sumaiya Sultana

I chose Dr. Sheela Gaur of Miracles Apollo Cradle, Gurgaon for my firstborn, and I would say they didn’t disappoint me. My wife had a cesarean delivery and they took care of everything. Ranging from the post-care facilities to the equipment and hospital conditions for cesarean delivery, everything was state-of-the-art. It was an emotional experience to see your first child come into the world and Miracles Apollo Cradle was a life-changing point of our parenthood.

Jessica Smith

It was a great journey of becoming a parent for which I would really like to thank the team of Miracles Apollo Cradle and specially Dr.Saguna S ma’am….one of the quality of staff which I liked the most is that they are all soft spoken… a big thank you to the team.

Safie Ahmed



What is baby delivery package or pregnancy package?

Our Maternity Package or Baby Delivery Package or Pregnancy Package, help you focus on your health because we’ll be handling the logistics. We’ll help you with your pregnancy doctor consultation or doubts regarding pregnancy complications, we have got you covered for all your needs during your most important pregnancy period.

How to book Baby Delivery or Pregnancy Package?

Fill the online form to enquire and you will hear from our customer care representatives soon after. We will guide you through the process of booking the Best Baby or Pregnancy Package.

When can I book a Baby Delivery or Pregnancy Package?

You can book the package as and when you decide which one you would like to go with.

How do I learn more about the different Maternity Services in detail?

Fill the online form to enquire and you will hear from our customer care representatives soon, who will tell you all about our Maternity Services in detail.

What are the safety measures taken by the hospital?

We follow a stringent safety protocol which covers every aspect of our services to ensure that you and your baby are safe with Miracles Apollo Cradle every step of the way.