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Corporate Outreach

As hours spent at work increase, so do levels of employee ill health and stress. Small wonder then that healthcare today has become a major concern for all corporations. At Miracles Healthcare we pride ourselves on having addressed this area of corporate health through a range of flexible and customized options. Our healthcare delivery system is specially designed to suit employee needs. We offer a wide range of specially designed corporate services. These range from customized products to Miracles Healthcare Sickbays, where we actually set up dedicated on-site centers at the workplace. We can, of course, tailor-make solutions that suit specific needs as we have done for our increasing list of corporate and institutional clients.

Our Clinics can conduct the following programs for your organization:

Onsite Wellness Workshops:
A typical Wellness center will have a nurse stationed on site 24 X 7 X 365 and a Medical Officer visiting daily for 2-8 hours or as per the requirement.

Health Checks:
Executive, Pre-employment etc.

Stress Management Workshops

Hepatitis B/A, Child Vaccinations On site Health Camps
On site Immunization
Antenatal classes
Monthly Specialists Talk on various issues like:
First Aid, Young Women Health, Stress Management, Posture/ergonomics, Cardiac Diabetic, Dentistry / Oral Health Care, Ophthalmic Care

For further info please contact our Marketing department for customized healthcare solutions.
Mr. Nitin Kumar – (0124) 4797600 extn. 140 or Mobile 9811257657
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