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Muscle aches and pain are part and parcel of everyone’s life. After 40 years of age, most people suffer from knee pain, back pain, and discomfort in their joints. Most of the bone and joint ailments present as pain, discomfort, and fatigue and it can aggravate with activity, prolonged sitting, or standing or with other medical problems.

Physiotherapy is an allied health care stream that treats ailments based on evidence-based kinesiology. It includes different mobilization techniques and prescribing electrical and physical agents to treat acute and chronic pain. We offer a range of physiotherapy services that range from comprehensive rehabilitation to optimizing one’s physical performance. Our physiotherapists can help in assessing and treating a variety of health conditions. The ultimate aim of physiotherapy services is to enhance movement and maximize the physical potential of the affected individual.

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Physiotherapy for Emphysema!

Physiotherapy for Emphysema

Physiotherapy for EmphysemaEmphysema is a type of COPD that involve damage to alveoli or the tiny air sacs situated in the lungs, making it hard to breathe. Emphysema is a not curable disease and once caught it will last a lifetime. It is also a progressive disease of the lungs, meaning it can spread to other parts of the lungs. Emphysema […]

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How Physiotherapy helps for lower back pain?

Earlier associated with old age, lower back pain is now common across all age-groups and is a consequence of the frantic lifestyle they follow. While the strength differs from person to person, and at times it even goes away on its own, at other times the pain remains, worsens or returns and it is then […]

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Role of Physiotherapy on Frozen Shoulder

Role of physiotherapy

Role of physiotherapyIf you have pain in your shoulder and problem lifting your arm, you might have frozen shoulder. Also known as adhesive capsulitis it is a painful condition that appears gradually and limits your ability to normally lift your shoulder and arm. You can benefit from the expert services of physiotherapy doctors in Gurgaon if you have a frozen […]

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