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Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Pregnancy and childbirth are important milestones in a women’s life and comes with a lot of challenges and concerns, demanding trusted care from experts. Obstetrics is a medical specialty that deals with safe pregnancy and childbirth. Our expert obstetric team intends to prepare and partner with women through their entire journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Our obstetricians screen the mothers for various complications of pregnancy and conduct routine check-ups during the ante-natal period.

We offer a full range of screening tests and antenatal check-ups as per international guidelines. With the backup of highly skilled radiologists coupled with the latest Ultrasound machines, the foetus can be screened for various possible abnormalities and its growth and well-being can be monitored in the most appropriate manner. Our obstetricians are experts in lookingafter patients with high risk pregnancies in conjunction with various medical specialities. Those with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, blood disorders, tumours, previous pregnancy losses, pre term labour, growth restricted babies post-transplant pregnancies etc. are looked after throughout the pregnancy and labour by this team.


Gynaecology is a medical and surgical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the female reproductive system and treating them through surgical and non-surgical interventions.

The gynaecological and sexual health of women seems to be quite neglected, enhancing the percentage of women suffering from sexual and gynaecological disorders to about 90%*. Our Gynaecologists not only render specialized care for all women's health problems, but they also play a key role in preventing gynaecological problems through our specially designed Well Women clinics.

Our gynaecologist provide specialised management of varied gynaecological disorders such as menstrual abnormalities, infertility, prolapsed uterus, fibroids, PCOD, uro-gynaecological problems, cancers, etc.

We have specialised Well Women clinics for early detection of Gynaecologicaldiseases and cancers. They provide contraceptive advice and pre conception counselling for couples planning a family. In addition clinics help in management of adolescent and menopausal challenges faced due to the changing hormonal dynamics in a female's body.

Those patients requiring surgical intervention can be treated by keyhole’ surgery, open surgery, uterus conserving surgery, hysteroscopic surgeries etc.

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