7 common causes of having an itchy ear

Our ears contain highly delicate neurological fibers, so having an itchy ear is common in people of all ages. The main reason behind having an itchy ear is, that they are highly sensitive, but sometimes having an itchy ear might also infer a vital medical ailment. So make sure you visit the Best Ear Specialist in Gurgaon, at the earliest before it leads to any kind of severe medical conditions.

Knowing the cause of the problem is always a path to knowing the treatment. So here are 7 common causes of having an itchy ear for you, to know, why you are having them before deciding to visit your doctor –

  • Earwax- The wax inside our ears keeps away any kind of dirt or dead skin cells from entering the ear. However, it also tends to trap bacteria which might lead to an itchy feeling in the ear. 
  • Acute Otitis Externa- Also known as swimmer's ears, this condition is caused when water gets trapped in our ears. This might lead to the expansion of bacteria if the water remains trapped thus causing an ear infection.
  • Having parched ears- Not producing enough wax or repeatedly cleaning them from the ear might cause our ear to become dry therefore causing severe itchiness in our ear. 
  • Listening devices- Sometimes hearing assistance might cause an itchy ear due to their plastic covering. Not only that having water trapped in those aids might also cause a person to experience the same itchy feeling.
  • Pollinosis- People who are allergic to pollen, dust, or animal hairs might be found suffering from Pollinosis or hay fever, which is also a kind of health issue related to having an itchy ear.
  • Being allergic to food- If you are already suffering from Pollinosis, eating certain foods like tree nuts, vegetables or fruits might result in you having an itchy ear. This is also known as oral allergy syndrome. 
  • Skin diseases – Having skin conditions like Eczema or Dermatitis might make you susceptible to having an itchy ear duct. 

No matter what are the causes, once you visit a good ENT Specialist in Gurgaon, they will help you relieve yourself from the causes by providing you with the right treatment. Moreover, if you have any other queries about the treatments or your doctor, always know that Miracles Healthcare is just a call away to provide you with all the answers you need.


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