Care of your little ones in NICU

The joys of a woman knows no bound when they first come to know about their pregnancy. But with joy sets in an unsettling sense of doubt. Doubt that whether as a mother will she be able to protect her little life growing inside her or not. Hence, most couples consider the Best Maternity Hospital in Gurgaon to ensure that the mother and child are safe and receive the best care during and after pregnancy.

The birth of a child is the happiest moment in a mother’s life, but the process is a complex one, even though it is beautiful. Both the mother and child go through a lot of emotional and physical changes during the few hours of birth. Being born means the baby must adapt to the environment soon after coming out of the uterus during Normal Delivery in Gurgaon, as the baby is no longer dependent on the mother’s supply of nutrients from placenta for the functioning of the crucial organs of the body.

The baby’s body must work in a new way, for the vital systems of the body to function, While most babies can make quick adjustments. Some of them struggle during this transitioning phase, while adjusting to the environment, outside their mother. Premature delivery, complications during the pregnancy, defects during birth or difficult birth,  can potentially make the transitioning phases more gruelling. Newborn babies, who need extra care and medical intensive care are then taken to a separate section of the hospital.

The special wing of the Delivery Hospital in Gurgaon, for newborn babies or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), have the best professionals along with advanced technology to provide the best care to the little humans. It is not only the newborns who are sick that NICU cares for, but it also cares for babies who need specialized intensive nursing care. But, to date, not all hospitals have NICU in their hospitals. Hence, the babies born in a hospital without a NICU must be immediately transferred to a hospital with one. The shifting of a new life instantly may, at times, be risky.

Every mother wishes and prays that their baby is born normal, functioning and healthy. But, sometimes, what a mother wants does not happen. Giving birth to a baby who is sick or premature birth and the complications involved during early birthing can be overwhelming. It is heartbreaking for a mother not to hold her newborn in her arms after birth. But NICU has all the technologies, new, improved medical care with the best healthcare professionals working to take care of the tiny humans, fighting to grow.

NICU takes specialized care of babies who are born before 37 weeks, or preterm, need special attention due to a birth condition or are born below the average birth weight, i.e. below 2.5 kg. The professionals of the NICU team work intensively and closely with the parents for a faster and quick recovery of their newborn child. In this way, the parents are also with their child and longing to hold them soon.


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