Dental Implant - Why should you go for it ?

A dental implant procedure is a surgical procedure conducted in a dental clinic in which an implant i.e. an artificial root made of titanium alloy metal is inserted into jaw bone to replace the root of lost natural tooth. A dental implant can replace single as well as multiple missing natural teeth.

It is a practical alternative to conventional procedure to replace lost teeth like a fixed bridge in which the teeth next to missing tooth undergoes intentional RCT & cutting of tooth structure. Hence the biggest advantage of dental implant T/t is that the adjacent teeth remains as it is even after the procedure.

Procedure of Dental Implants-

The procedure of dental implant placement is done in the clinic on dental chair under local anaesthesia. The area of implant placement is anaesthetised and implant in placed in the bone. This is the period of osseointegration i.e. union between the implant & bone followed by final phase of placing tooth over the implant.

With the help of best dentists in Gurgaon dental implants has become a smart choice for the adults of all ages whose teeth has been affected or removed because of injury, decay or infection. Here are some advantages of having a tooth implant at a dental clinic.

  • Improved facial appearance: Dental implants look and function like natural healthy teeth making the patient comfortable and presentable. Thus there is no need to remove them for cleaning as they are a permanent solution.
  • Improved speech: With loose dentures there’s always a risk of falling down causing the patient to slur or mumble the words. But with dental implants the person can speak fluently without any worry.
  • Ease in eating: Sliding dentures often makes the chewing process difficult. Dental implants are permanent like own natural teeth and they allow to eat any kind of dish with confidence without any pain.
  • Immediate Implant: A procedure for implant placement in which the implant is placed on the same day as the tooth is extracted.
  • Digital 3D implant procedure: An advanced procedure of placing implants in which impression of teeth around missing space is taken by intra-oral scanning. Digital planning of implant placement is done & implant is placed through a 3D- surgical guide. Less time consuming, precise & accurate.
  • Boost self-esteem: Dental implants helps in giving back the smile and makes the person feel better.

Apart from the dental treatment, regular maintenance of the implant supported teeth is utmost vital. Daily brushing of the teeth is highly relevant in order to protect the teeth from the flow of bacteria. By following to clean the teeth, there are least damage to the implant and the tissues around the implant site. And regular follow up with dentist is utmost important.


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