Dental Tips for How to Keep your Teeth White

Today, Indians spend billions and billions on their teeth whitening, including at-home whitening products. The shelves in the medical stores are filled with plenty of teeth whitening and bleaching products to choose from but only a few works effectively. The most efficient method to get your teeth to whiten is to visit a professional. So, don’t take any risk by using the over the counter products and pay a visit to the best dental clinic near you.

Causes of yellow teeth

There are many reasons because of which our teeth become dull and lose their snow- white sparkle. Certain types of foods can tarnish your teeth enamel, which is the outermost layer of your teeth. Moreover, plaque build-up on your teeth can make them look yellow and dull. This type of discoloration can generally be treated with regular cleaning and whitening remedies.

On the other hand, at times teeth look yellow because the hard enamel has worn away, revealing the dentin underneath. Dentin is a naturally yellow, bony tissue that lies underneath the enamel of our teeth.

Tips for How to keep your teeth white?

When people say, ‘You have a beautiful smile’, your teeth play a very vital role in getting that compliment. A healthy, bright smile is one of the finest ways to make a long-lasting impression. Keep your teeth healthy all season long by following these simple dental tips regularly.

  1. Dentist visits every 6 months – Routine dental check-ups are one of the easiest ways to sustain healthy and white teeth. Your toothbrush may not reach certain areas in between the teeth which are prone to plaque and calculus deposits thereby leading to bacterial infiltration. To help clean these areas, your dentist performs oral prophylaxis i.e. cleaning of teeth more thoroughly than your toothbrush, eventually decreasing the signs of cavities, gingivitis, loss of bone and plaque build-up.
  2. Brush your teeth after each meal – In maintaining healthy, white teeth proper oral hygiene is very essential and that means one should brush after every meal, or at least twice a day. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, as using hard bristles can damage the enamel and gums anymore.
  3. Eat a healthy diet for your teeth – Whatever you’ll eat, it will affect your teeth, especially if the food is sugary and highly acidic. If you eat the teeth-healthy foods, then it protects the enamel and prevent bacteria from forming and spreading throughout your mouth. Some of the examples of teeth-healthy foods include milk, fruits, chicken, cheese, nuts, and vegetables. It is also great to limit beverages that can discolour your teeth, such as coffee, soda, and red wine. For more detailed tips on health teeth, diets visit the dental surgeon in Gurgaon.
  4. Flossing – A very essential aspect of proper oral hygiene is Flossing. Flossing your teeth regularly can prevent bad breath, decrease cavities, and will keep your teeth pearly white. Flossing takes out the tiniest bit of food stuck between your teeth which help to reduce the staining of your teeth.
  5. Quit Smoking – Not only smoking is awful for your lungs and heart, but also it is extremely terrible for your teeth, month, and gums. Smoking causes tooth discoloration, increased plaque, gum disease, bad breath, tartar build-up and more. Smoking wears off your teeth and gums, revealing the roots of your teeth and escalating the risk of tooth decay.


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