Do your eyes need a check-up if you have frequent headaches?

If you are suffering from frequent headaches, then it could be a reason that you should visit an eye specialist near you. At this stage, your eyes deserve a routine eye check-up that could help you find the exact cause of your headache. Although, headaches are one of the most common health concerns in humans, yet, can’t be ignored if frequent or of a certain specific pattern. To judge those particular patterns, below are some eye conditions that may result in headaches.

  1. Cornea concerns: Cornea and Lens complete the anatomical structure of an eye. Out of these two, Cornea is very sensitive and is filled with thousands of nerves. Hence, even a small grain of dirt causes intense pain and redness of eye resulting to headaches.
  2. Dry eyes: Cornea requires constant lubrication with a fluid released from the glands at the corners of the eye. This fluid film of tears shields cornea from direct air contact. Dry eyes are the result of lack of this film which could be because of medications, health disorders or dry environment. Dry eyes condition is more common with people suffering from a Migraine.
  3. Inflammation around the eye: Viral or Bacterial infection in the eyes causes inflammation in the eye which is further accompanied by swelling or redness of eyes. Before it grows to pain or other severe disorders, it is advisable to visit the best Ophthalmologist or the best ENT Clinic near you.
  4. Glaucoma: The condition during which over-production of fluid causes increased pressure within the eye is Glaucoma. If Glaucoma is left uncorrected, it leads to a headache in or around the eyes or the forehead. This can be accompanied with vomiting and dizziness. The pressure can be reduced to normal by a simple laser procedure.
  5. Muscle Imbalance: It is as essential as the balance among all the tires of a car. Similar is the case with the balance between both the eye muscles. The imbalance in eye muscles not only cause a headache but also makes it difficult to concentrate with both eyes at the same time. The proper and timely eye treatment will definitely result in improved vision, concentration and lowers a headache.

To sum up, mostly headaches may not be due to eye related problems. However, it is important to visit an eye specialist since there are few exceptions that deserve eye check-up.


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