Everything You Should Know Before Getting an Ultrasound in Gurgaon

Ultrasound is the most broadly employed diagnostic tests due to its clarity and accuracy. There has been a massive evolution in the quality and precision of such tests in the past few years. Modern tests provide incredibly clear pictures and substantial details that enable expert physicians to make accurate diagnostic decisions. For exact and reliable results, get Ultrasound in Gurgaon from a trusted lab. Types of Medical Ultrasound The utilization of ultrasound imaging technique is useful for various purposes like diagnosis, cleaning, imaging, and dimension and extends to multiple sectors from science and research to human and veterinary treatments, etc. A reputed clinic in Gurgaon offers the basic services of ultrasound to all the patients. There are two categories in medical ultrasound; therapeutic and diagnostic.

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound:

This type of ultrasound utilizes sound waves above the human hearing range but does not produce images. It aims to interact with tissues in the body in a way that they are either altered or destroyed.

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound:

This type of ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic method utilized to get a clear picture of the inside of the body. Ultrasound probes, also known as transducers, create sound waves that have frequencies above the threshold of human hearing. If you want to get any of these medical ultrasounds, ensure to visit the best radiology lab in Gurgaon.   How Does Ultrasound Work? As a transducer produces ultrasound waves, it can both release ultrasound waves and detect the ultrasound echoes reflected. In some cases, the active elements in ultrasound transducers are made of unique ceramic crystal materials known as piezoelectric. Such materials allow producing sound waves when an electric field is applied to them, but also work in reverse, making an electric field when a sound wave hits them.

  • When utilized an ultrasound scanner, the transducer emanates a beam of sound waves into the body. The sound waves have reflected in the transducer by boundaries between tissues in the track of the shaft. Upon echoes hitting the transducer, they create electrical signals sent to the ultrasound scanner. A good and reliable clinic in Gurgaon will surely be well-equipped with the latest machines and tools.

  Advantages of Ultrasound

  • Most of the time, ultrasound doesn’t involve needles, shots, or cuts that make the whole process generally painless.
  • Patients are not exposed to ionizing radiation, which is why it is safer compared to other diagnostic methods.
  • It catches images of soft tissues that don’t show up clearly on X-rays.
  • It is broadly accessible with ease and affordable compared to other procedures.

  After knowing the prime advantages of ultrasound, visit the best radiology lab in Gurgaon where a well-skilled and experienced professional will do the test. Ensure to check out the feedback of the particular clinic or lab you’re planning to visit for such diagnostic purposes.


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