How to Prepare Your Child for an MRI?

Parents often worry and ask specialists how they can best prepare their child for an unsedated MRI. As a child life expert, it is their job is to assist educate you about upcoming processes or diagnoses, along with ways to cope up. Knowing what your physician has suggested will be the foremost steps in assisting prepare your kid for various things he or she will go through. Ensure to visit trusted MRI labs in Gurgaon and ask the physician if your child will get contrast or any other medicine for the process.

What is the Role of MRI?

  • An MRI also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a process to capture pictures inside of your body using a magnet. This procedure involves being placed inside a big, hollow tube and holding still for about 15-90 minutes. It is painless, but it can be scary for most people.
  • When children have a CT scan in Gurgaon, it is highly essential to assist them prepare. According to the research, children who are well-prepared for medical processes in advance are less scared, nervous and can cooperate well. By communicating with your child, you can effectively prepare your kid for an MRI.

Why is the MRI Done?

  • MRI is performed to detect different conditions, including issues related to the brain, skeleton, chest, spinal cord, lungs, pelvis, hands, abdomen, ankles, and feet. In some cases, it can offer clear images of body parts that are not viewed properly through an X-ray, ultrasound or CT scan.
  • MRI in Gurgaon is also available for diagnosing problems with ears, heart, eyes and circulatory system. An MRI’s potential to highlight contrasts in soft tissue makes it highly functional in understanding problems with cartilage, tendons, joints, and ligaments. It is also utilized to identify inflammatory conditions and infections or tumors.

Ways to Prepare Your Child

  • Metallic objects often create a bright or blank spot on the diagnostic film. The specialist will ask your child to remove any objects containing metal like jewelry, belts, eyeglasses, or credit cards. Moreover, electronic items are not allowed in the MRI room. Dental fillings and braces won’t interfere with the scan.
  • They will ask questions to ensure your child doesn’t have any internal metal clips from old surgery or anything that might cause an issue near a strong magnetic field. To acquire the top quality MRI results, find one of the best MRI labs in Gurgaon. Make sure your child stays completely still during the process.
  • For young children or infants who are most likely to face difficulty staying still for the procedure, sedation medications are mostly offered through an intravenous (IV) line (a tube), to make the asleep throughout the test. Sedation is quite helpful if a child is claustrophobic.
  • If sedation is required, liquids and food will be stopped at a certain period before the MRI to permit your kid’s stomach to empty. You are allowed to stay in the MRI room with your child until the test starts. Do notify the technicians of any illness, allergy, and drug reactions before starting with the CT scan in Gurgaon.


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