Isolated Maxillary Sinus Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment

Sinuses are quite common among all age groups of people. The most common symptoms one can feel are headache and congested nose. However, there are many kinds of sinuses, one being the maxillary sinus disease. The best ENT Doctors in Gurgaon will be able to help you detect your sinus problem at the earliest and offer the right treatments.

Let us understand the maxillary sinus disease to become self-aware of the symptoms which will help in early detection and treatments.

What is Maxillary Sinus Disease?

Maxillary Sinuses are pyramid-shaped sinuses in the bones of the face. This affects the tone of your voice. These are among the four paranasal sinuses near the nose. Maxillary sinus disease is an inflammation of the sinus infected by virus, bacteria, fungus or other causes.

The isolated maxillary sinus disease expands significantly with a late show of symptoms in the patients. This makes the diagnosis and treatment difficult at times. However, it's better late than never. So, read further to avoid any delays in your case.

Evaluation and Diagnosis

Common symptoms that can be identified are altered face symmetry, pain, nose obstruction, etc. The evaluation is done by CT (Computed Tomography) scan, nasendoscopy, MRI, and other related tests. Search for "ENT specialist in Gurgaon near me" online if you feel any of the symptoms to prevent any kind of delays in your treatment.

The diagnosis of isolated maxillary sinus disease often includes surgical procedures with medications. However, the best knowledge rests with the ENT specialists, and it is advisable to make appointments to avoid any complications.

Where to Find the Best ENT Specialist?

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