Maintaining Health Pregnancy - Things to know

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in the life of a woman who is eager to embrace motherhood. You must follow up on the essential practices to maintain a healthy pregnancy. So, here is what you need to know about a healthy pregnancy.

  1. Eating healthy

During pregnancy, mothers need to have nutritious foods to maintain their and the child's health. So, your diet during pregnancy needs to have a healthy balance of vital nutrients. Hence, you must prioritize the intake of healthy foods like lentils, pulses, dairy products, nuts, fruits, salads, eggs / meats (if non vegetable). Also, it is important to include calcium and protein-rich foods in your diet. Another essential component of diet is fluids – atleast 3 littre per day in the term of coconut water, Chaach, fruit juice, lemon water etc.

2. Performing regular exercises

While there are many myths regarding the risk of exercising during pregnancy, you must include moderate exercises in your daily routine to promote the better growth of the baby. 150-minutes of moderate aerobic workouts every week need to be performed to maintain a healthy pregnancy. However, consult your doctor before starting with your exercises.

Apart from all the tips mentioned above, regular visits to the doctor are necessary while you are pregnant. Thus, Miracles Mediclinic brings to you reckoned gynaecologists who can effectively guide you throughout your pregnancy to let you have a healthy one.

3.Maintaining a stress free environment

4. Sleep – 8 to 10 hours

5. Consider taking a prenatal vitamin

As we all know, during pregnancy, the complete nutrition of the child is dependent on the mother. Thus, it is important to take prenatal vitamins, which act as supplements and boost the child's growth.

6. Keep tracking the weight you are gaining

It is usual for a woman to gain some weight during pregnancy. A normal weight gain ranges up to 11-15 KG. However, recommendations for weight gain usually vary depending on the different body structures and physical health of women. So, it is crucial to track and discuss weight gain with your doctor at each antenatal visit.


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