MRI of Breast: A Useful Diagnostic Tool in Breast Imaging

What is MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic tool a non-invasive testused to diagnose ailments. MRI produces detailed images of structures and organs in the body using a powerful magnet, computer technology, and radio waves. However, MRI does not use radiation/X-rays

MRI of the Breast

Breast MRI is used to identify breast cancer and other anomalies in the breast. Multiple images of the breast are captured during a breast MRI. Breast MRI is combined with computer technology to produce detailed images. When other imaging procedures (for example, mammography, ultrasound, etc.) fail to offer accurate information, MRI has proven to be useful in detecting and diagnosing breast ailments. A breast MRI is usually done after a biopsy is positive for cancer, and the doctor requires more information regarding the spread of the cancer disease.

Purpose/Benefit of a Breast MRI

A breast MRI can also be used in combination with mammograms as a screening method for detecting breast cancer in some women.MRI may be a useful method to screen for breast cancer in women who are at high risk for breast cancer, often due to strong family history.At times an anomaly identified using a mammogram cannot be properly assessed by ultrasound and additional mammography. In such cases, a breast MRI can be used to identify whether the abnormality requires biopsy or can be safely left alone.

Chemotherapy may be used to treat breast cancer before it is surgically removed in some circumstances.  Breast MRI is frequently used in these situations to assess how well the chemotherapy is working and to re-evaluate the amount of tumours still present before surgery. Furthermore, breast MRI does not use ionising radiation and is the most accurate way to detect if silicone breast implants have ruptured.

Breast MRI poses no or little risk to the average patient when proper safety instructions and standards are followed. The powerful magnetic field has no negative effects. It may, however, cause implanted medical devices to dysfunction or create image distortion. Though there is no evidence that MRI affects the foetus, pregnant women should avoid having an MRI during the first trimester except if it is medically required.

MRI Scan in Gurgaon

There are many MRI scan centres in Gurgaon that offer high-quality service. As MRI scanning has become an important diagnostic tool, the number of centres offering MRI scanning in Gurgaon is increasing. In Gurgaon, all of the major hospitals provide MRI services, supplementing the services given by stand-alone diagnostic clinics.

The majority of MRI scan centres in Gurgaon ensure that test findings are accurate and that patients are diagnosed correctly. They satisfy the required standards, and the majority of them surpass the standards, enhancing patient care and safety. In addition, MRI scan centres in Gurgaon keep up with rapidly changing laboratory technology.The cost of an MRI scan in Gurgaon varies from patient to patient, as well as depends on the type of MRI scan and the laboratory you choose.


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