Physiotherapy for Emphysema!

Emphysema is a type of COPD that involve damage to alveoli or the tiny air sacs situated in the lungs, making it hard to breathe. Emphysema is a not curable disease and once caught it will last a lifetime. It is also a progressive disease of the lungs, meaning it can spread to other parts of the lungs. Emphysema leads to shortness of breath due to inflammation of the air sacs in the lung; it also causes partial or complete damage to the lung tissues.

There is absolutely no cure for emphysema at present. Though there is no emphysema cure, there are several types of emphysema treatment offered to an emphysema patient to control and manage their symptoms for a better quality of life and control over the disease. If treatment is not provided, then the symptoms will progress into a severe form rapidly making normal life extremely hard. The various emphysema treatments offered involve inhalers, medications, surgery and respiratory assistance as well as physiotherapy.

Regular physiotherapy by physiotherapy doctors in Gurgaon has several benefits, they can

  • Improve emphysema symptoms
  • Improve circulation and help the body better use oxygen
  • Strengthen cardiovascular system and heart
  • Build energy levels so you can do more activities without becoming short of breath or tired
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase endurance
  • Strengthen bones
  • Help decrease body fat and help you reach a healthy weight
  • Help reduce tension, stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost self-esteem and self-image; make you look fit and feel healthy
  • Make you feel more rested and relaxed

Treatment techniques may include:

  • Breathing into different parts of your lungs
  • Relaxed deep breathing
  • Chest percussions and vibrations
  • Increasing inspiratory volume
  • Breathing and cardiovascular exercises
  • Reducing strain when coughing
  • Postural drainage
  • Teaching proper inhaler use

The objective of physiotherapists in Gurgaon is to prevent complications, offer relief of symptoms, and slow the progression of the disease. Quitting smoking is also necessary for patients with emphysema, as continuing to use tobacco will further damage the lungs.

Physiotherapy is important for COPD management. Physiotherapy involves a range of different treatments based on main symptoms. Overall, exercise is the most significant part of pulmonary rehabilitation. Avoiding sedentary time and keeping up an active lifestyle is tremendously significant to keep strong, healthy, fit and out of hospital.

Once you visit any physiotherapy center, the physiotherapist will evaluate functional exercise capacity, symptoms and safety for exercise. They will teach how to do the exercises and then manage group exercise training, once or twice a week for six to eight weeks. The teaching part of the program will help you to learn how to: best manage your symptoms, understand your disease, stop smoking, take medications, and eat a healthy diet. The programs are situated at local hospitals or community centers. Speak to your physiotherapist for more information. Physiotherapy is a great option for anyone diagnosed with emphysema.


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