Rickets in Children - Causes, symptoms & treatment

Wrist rickets is the weakening and softening of the wrist bones due to the prolonged and extended deficiency of vitamin D. Wrist rickets can also happen due to hereditary health problems. Vitamin D assists in maintaining proper phosphorus and calcium levels inside the bones, which might lead to wrist rickets. Thus to identify this disease earlier and go through correct treatment might save you from further damages. 

Causes of Rickets

Any child can absorb phosphorus and calcium directly from the food. But wrist rickets might occur in their body if a sufficient amount of vitamin D is not reaching the wrists correctly and thus causing the deficiency. 

According to the best Child doctor in Gurgaon, children who failed to acquire vitamins from the below two sources might suffer from wrist rickets. 

  • Food

Egg yolks, fatty fish, and fish oil like mackerel and salmon include a high amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D is also present in other beverages and food like cereal, fruit juices, and milk.

  • Sunlight

The skin of the human body creates vitamin D when it comes in contact with direct sunlight. But kids in developed countries do not spend much more time in the sunlight. Sometimes they also use sunscreen to block the sun rays that might trigger the production of vitamin D. 

2. Difficulty with absorption

Many kids are born with various medical conditions that will affect the process of vitamin D absorption. Some of these examples are as follows.

  • Celiac Disease
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Numerous kidney problems

Symptoms of  Rickets

The different symptoms and signs of wrist rickets are as below.

  • Delay in the hand growth
  • Delay in the development of the motor skills
  • Pain in the wrists, arm, and hand
  • Weaknesses in the muscles

Since wrist rickets softens the developing tissue near the wrists of a person or a child, it is also responsible for various deformities like 

  • Knock or bowed wrists
  • Thick wrists

If your kid develops any weakness in the muscle, skeletal deformities, or pain in the wrist bone, you should consult the top Pediatrician near you. 

Treatment of Rickets

In most cases of wrist rickets, the doctors treat the disease with calcium and vitamin D supplements. Follow the dosage according to the doctor's direction, as less or too much dose can harm the kid. The physician will then monitor the progress of the child with various blood tests and x-rays. If your kid suffers from an inherited disorder that might cause a lower amount of calcium and phosphorus. When the child includes spinal deformities or bowleg, the doctor will suggest a position for the child's body correctly for the bone development. But if they have more skeletal deformities, then it might need further surgery.


So these are the causes, symptoms, and treatment for the children suffering from wrist rickets. Check regularly if your kid is suffering from any of the above signs. If yes, then take him/her to the nearest Child doctor in Gurgaon without failure.


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