Some common safety issues related to MRI scan

The human body consists of interlinked organs. If any one organ gets affected, the other organs can get affected as well, leading to numerous health problems.  However, the correct cause of this problem sometimes becomes very difficult to diagnose. Nonetheless, with an advanced diagnostic test like an MRI scan, it has become a bit easy to analyze the problem. Yet the fear of safety always lingers in our minds. But with the best MRI Scan in Gurgaon, your safety will always be ensured first before moving on with the treatment.

However, there are certain safety issues with MRI scans that cannot be neglected. Some of those issues are as follows-

  • As the magnetic fields tend to change with time, they might create loud sounds, thus affecting a person's hearing if they are not provided with effective ear protection.
  • The gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) used during the scan, might also contain certain risks along with side effects, like having an allergic reaction to the contrast agent.
  • The magnetic field in the MRI scan is most likely to attract magnetic objects and cause damage to the people present during the scan if the objects become projectiles. Thus it should be ensured that no magnetic objects enter the magnetic region during the scan to prevent them from becoming projectiles.
  • Radiofrequency energy utilized during the scan also contains a tendency to heat the patient’s body. The body might get heated to a great extent if the scan takes place for a prolonged period.
  • A patient with implantation is always suggested to not go for MRI examination unless the implanted device is recognized as MR safe or MR conditional, because –
  •  Tending to attract magnetic objects, the magnetic field used during the scan might cause an undesirable movement in the implanted device.
  • As the radiofrequency energy and magnetic field change with time, it might cause the implanted device and its surrounding tissues to get heated which could usher to burns.
  • Risk due to Cryogen- If the magnetic field is shut down accidentally, the liquid helium present in the magnet gets changed into a gas. It further replaces the oxygen in the scanner room and might lead to a condition called asphyxia due to the deprivation of oxygen.

Sometimes if the diagnosis is delayed it might prove fatal for the patient. So don’t wait anymore, search immediately for an MRI scan near me and book your appointment now. Still, if you have any doubt about the treatment, you can contact Miracles Healthcare anytime to get all your doubts cleared.


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