The new normal for your delivery

Apollo Cradle is one of the most exquisite initiatives taken by Apollo Hospitals Group during this grim phase of COVID 19, to bring a sense of safety, security, and joy to new-borns and their parents. Birthing is one of the most important parts of every new parent and their child as it signifies the birth of a bundle of joy in everyone’s lives in the family. Apollo Cradle, Gurgaon can be specified as a 5-star birthing center that is capable of delivering the highest standard of prenatal, birthing, and postnatal care to the would-be mothers. Birthing mothers can enjoy all the comforts of home and the safety of a super specialty hospital, all at once in the heart of Gurgaon.

Birthing in times of COVID 19

One of the most unsettling things for new parents during the times of the COVID 19 pandemic is the daily changing information about the virus. Various questions arise like

  • What about social distancing norms in hospitals?
  • Chances of exposure of mother or baby to COVID 19?
  • Where might one get a COVID test to be done before their due date?
  • How to avoid delivery at a hospital with COVID 19 patients moving in and out of hospitals?
  • Is home birthing the right option?

Apollo Cradle is the solution to all such questions that arise in the minds of being parents while welcoming their bundle of joy into this world in a stress-free and safe environment. Apollo Cradle insists its patients go for a hospital birth even in this time of crisis without worrying about safety or the fear of getting infected with COVID 19. Apollo Cradle will ensure the birthing mothers and their child’s safety and comfort through their state of the art infrastructure, which will also ensure that minimal guests entry is allowed at the Apollo Cradle center. The parents will be able to share their birthing experience with the family through virtual celebrations post-delivery.

Why choose Apollo Cradle?

Apollo Cradle is one of the most cherished initiatives by the reliable and famous Apollo Group of Hospitals, renowned all over the world for their world-class medical facilities. Some of the most appealing features of Apollo Cradle are:

  • The introduction of the LDR (Labour, Delivery, and Recovery) rooms concept which is one of the most endearing features of the Apollo Cradle.
  • It eliminates the hassle of moving in and out of various rooms within the hospital to avoid exposure to viruses or infections. The LDR room itself could be converted into a birthing facility, operating room, and recovery room within minutes.
  • Apollo Cradle tests every single person including the birthing mother as well as hospital staff for COVID 19 every day. It also designates COVID 19 infected birthing mothers at separate designated areas with dedicated care teams while reducing risks of contamination with the non-COVID birthing mothers.
  • Apollo Cradle has all facilities like a dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, dedicated rooms for premature babies, and for a sick new-born who are kept under constant care of world-class medical consultants.
  • Apollo Cradle also has Antenatal and Postnatal classes like aerobics, Lamaze, Yoga, and nutritional advice and counseling for every birthing mother.

Apollo Cradle will keep offering the birthing mothers the safety and security that they deserve under 5-star comfort and luxury.


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