Tips that can help you to have a Normal Delivery

Every mother wishes for normal/natural delivery and has a memorable birthing experience instead of going through painful Caesarean delivery. However, because of a few high-risk pregnancy cases or medical complications, having a normal delivery is a big challenge.

Through normal delivery, a mother goes through every emotion of becoming a mother as she is not under anesthesia. Undoubtedly, there is no magic wand to ensure 100% normal delivery, however, there are few tips which you can follow to make it more likely for you to have normal delivery:

  1. Maintaining an ideal weight: Pregnancy leads to many changes in your routine including eating habits, work routine and much more. This together has combined effect on the mother’s body weight. Although it is not possible to comment on ideal weight gain during pregnancy that applies to every woman yet, recommendations are based on women’s pre-pregnancy weight.
  2. Avoid Stress: Stay away from anxiety, stress and too much worries. It’s important to stay calm and happy during this period. Join meditation classes, read good books, watch entertainment or comedy shows and do whatever brings a smile to your face. Remember maternal stress affects yours as well as your baby’s health.
  3. Acquire knowledge about birthing: For all new Moms, it’s important to acquire knowledge as much as possible about delivery. This helps in making childbirth easier. Read books about pregnancy and childbirth. Discuss with your mother, friends or sisters who have experienced the journey of childbirth.
  4. Stay Hydrated: Water is vital for your health and even more during pregnancy. You can also keep fresh juices or healthy energy drinks in stock. Apart from drinking fluids, you can also use hydrotherapy to let your skin absorb water and can help beat stress too.
  5. Regular exercise: During pregnancy, it is advised to remain active to improve or maintain physical fitness and overall health. Regular exercise makes your labor and delivery easier. In addition, there are also antenatal classes provided by some hospital such as Apollo Cradle, Gurugram and more. These prenatal or antenatal classes help you and your partner to prepare for labor, birth and early parenthood.
  6. Nutritious Diet: Always remember, eating healthy is critical for your baby’s growth and development. You may need an extra 300 calories per day with a variety of food including fruits, protein sources, and dairy products.
  7. Keep a close watch on your postures: No doubts, achieving a decent amount of weight is necessary during pregnancy. Obese women may have complexities during labor making normal delivery difficult. Maintaining ideal weight can help to get your body aligned so that your baby can glide smoothly. Standing or sitting for extended periods, wearing high heels and tight belts could misalign the right posture. Avoid sitting with hanged legs to prevent swelling. Give a proper support to your back while sitting to avoid back pain.
  8. A trusted Gynaecologist: Last but not the least, a gynecologist whom you trust needs to be with you during your pregnancy journey.

Natural is always better. So, take a note of all these tips to ensure normal delivery or Visit the best gynecologist near you.


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