Tips to relieve constipation in children?

If your child has irregular bowel movements and frequently feels gassy, that might be the symptoms of constipation. Constipation is a severely uncomfortable feeling, and since the infants cannot communicate verbally, it becomes tougher to identify the problem.

Pediatricians in Gurgaon always suggest that the parents acknowledge themselves of the signs and symptoms of constipation in babies. Early diagnosis cures the disease sooner.

Neglect no unusualness during bowel movements

Even a baby feels the same while having constipation as an adult. Since children cannot understand what is happening, the parents must know their daily bowel movements.

The symptoms of constipation you can find in a baby.

When a baby gets introduced to solid food for the first time, he can get constipated often. Following are the irregularities to look for in your kid for constipation signs. 

  • The baby will have trouble while excreting.
  • An infant can get tired while putting enormous pressure to pass rock-like and dehydrated stool.
  • The bowel movement, occurring for less than thrice a week

Home remedies work well while treating constipation.

Try some home remedies to soften the feces in case of constipation. Many veteran pediatricians suggest the following tips as their cure.

  • Hydration helps constipation

Dehydration causes dry and hard feces that might lead to constipation. Drinking water can restore the lost water inside the body. Babies aged between six months to one year must drink two to three ounces of water to relieve constipation.

  • Sweet fruit juice can restore bowel movement.

Since fruit juice contains sweetener sorbitol, this works as a laxative that improves stool texture and easy mobility. So you can provide an infant 2 to 4 ounces of apple, pear, and prune juice.

  • Add more fibers to their daily diet.

Fiber increases the stool amount and makes it soft to reduce constipation. So your baby’s new solid food diet must include some fiber fruits like apples, pears, peas, bananas, and mango.

You can confidently cut off the rice cereal from their diet, as it has the lowest fiber.

  • Regular exercise improves bowel movement.

If your kids are a little older, encourage them to become physically active. An immobile lifestyle develops irregular excrement. If a newborn has constipation, offering him solid food or liquid other than breast milk increases irregular bowel movement.

Medical treatment for poor bowel movements when home remedies fail

The top child specialists in Gurgaon always advise seeking professional aid when home remedies fail. The pediatrician can inject a gentle enema to release the collided stool. You should state the diet of the child to the doctor. After examining your baby, the pediatrician can ask you to perform some medical tests if necessary. If your child has a long history of constipation, the doctor will then check if the bowel system is working in order or not. 

End Thought

90% of children experience constipation, and parents consider it not a serious issue. But, if you cannot cure it with home remedies, seek medical help as early as possible. Any delay can make it a chronic disease.


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