Tips to remember while co-sleeping with your baby

Co-sleeping is basically sleeping in close presence with your baby. It can be in the same bed or just in the same room. In about 40 weeks of pregnancy, you and your baby were one. Now that he or she has finally arrived, it’s only natural you like to be as close to them as possible, even when sleeping. Before you co-sleep with your baby, make sure to consult the best paediatrician in Gurgaon to know all the dos and don’ts.

Co-sleeping Advice You Should Follow

Babies should sleep in a clear sleep space that is easy to make in a cot or Moses basket. However, co-sleeping is totally a personal choice. If you are determined to co-sleep with your child, make sure to take the much-needed precautions to allow you and your child safe. As some familiar share beds, it is suggested to make your bed a safer place for your baby whether you doze off unexpectedly or choose to share space.

Guidelines to Follow When co-sleeping with your Baby

  • As your baby is still not used to the environment, it is essential for you to be at their side at all times. If your little one is sleeping in a big bed, make sure that an adult is present. According to the trusted Child Specialists in Gurgaonyou should never leave your infant alone or unattended. If you can’t be present at all times near your baby, place them in a crib or bassinet until you join them back.
  • Make sure you and your little one are dressed warmly enough to not need a blanket. By using blankets, duvets, pillows, and other bedding increase the risk of suffocation for your baby. So, skipping the blanket is a must. However, if you really can’t sleep without one, utilize a light sheet and pull it up to your mid-waist.
  • If you have a pet in your home, it is better to avoid letting your pet or other kids in the same bed as your little one. This way, you will allow your baby to sleep peacefully and also avoid unwanted infections or dangers. The best paediatrician in Gurgaon will also tell you to not wear jewellery before getting into bed to avoid any unwanted danger to your baby.
  • Get a firm and comfortable mattress for your baby as it is not at all safe for him or her to sleep on a waterbed. Not only this, your little one should not sleep on an egg-crate mattress, an armchair, a sofa, or any other surface that is not hard and can obstruct with their breathing process.
  • Most parents do the ‘bad to sleep’ technique that is the safest way for your baby, even during co-sleeping situations. The experienced Child Specialists in Gurgaon explain babies who sleep on their backs have a decreased risk of SIDS.
  • Place your bed away from insecure room features. Keep an eye out for window blind cords, lamps, bulbs that can be pulled over, photo frames, and various other items within the close proximity of your bed.


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