What Can A Parent Do If A Child Is Reporting Stomach Ache?

Stomach ache is easily one of the most common illness symptoms suffered by children. The reason behind a stomach ache can range from a simple digestion issue to a far more problematic infection. When your child reports a stomach ache, you might find yourself wondering “Should I call take him to a child doctor near me?”. Stomach aches certainly shouldn’t be ignored, but what should be the right move? Let’s dive right into it without much delay. 

Steps to take when your child reports stomach ache

As mentioned earlier, a stomach ache can potentially occur from a variety of problems. Here are a few steps you may take if your child is suffering from a stomach ache:

  • Ask about constipation problems

Constipation is a very common reason behind stomach aches, even among adults. Ask the child if he/she has been suffering from constipation and check if they’d like to go to the bathroom. Quite often, simply taking a poop is enough to get rid of stomach ache. If the cause behind the pain appears to be constipation, feeding your child fruits and veggies rich in fibers would help. However, ask a pediatrician before giving any laxatives or other medications. 

  • Do not give any food or drinks for the time being

If you aren’t sure about the cause behind the stomach ache, avoid giving your child any food or drinks for the moment. This is because it could potentially aggravate the problem. For instance, if your child is suffering from a stomach infection or digestive issue, the wrong type of food can easily upset the stomach further. 

  • Get your child to lie on the stomach

Often, lying on the stomach can help relieve abdominal pain too. Even if it doesn’t get rid of the pain completely, it would reduce the discomfort. This is especially effective if the stomach ache is a result of bloating. The pressure applied from lying on the stomach will help get rid of the trapped gasses. 

  • Contact your pediatrician

If the pain persists and you aren’t sure about the reason, you should certainly contact a pediatrician in Gurgaon. Tell him/her about the exact symptoms (such as the intensity and the location of the pain), and potential reasons that you might be suspecting. This will help the pediatrician prescribe suitable medications, at least for the time being. 

  • Do not administer medicines by yourself

Avoid giving your child any medicine without consulting your pediatrician. Not all medicines are suited to children – pediatric medication is different from adult medication. At most, you can ask a reputed pediatrician in Gurgaon for over-the-counter medicines that you can give your child if you can’t seek medical attention right away. 


Do not hesitate to take your child to a pediatrician’s clinic right away if the pain is too unbearable or persists for too long. If you are wondering “Where can I find the best child doctor near me?” you can get in touch with Miracles Healthcare. They have some of the best pediatricians in Gurgaon and can provide your child with quality care. 


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