What Should You Eat Before And After Surgery?

Surgery of any kind is always taxing on your body as it is subject to a significant amount of stress before and post the surgery. To overcome this stress, a lot of energy has to be expended. This increases the energy requirement of your body, which can only be fulfilled with wholesome nutrition. Besides, research shows that the intake of certain nutrition during the weeks and days before and after surgery can substantially aid in the faster recovery of the patient. If you would ask any general surgeon in Gurgaon, he would emphasize the importance of a wholesome diet before and after surgery. Let us see the best foods to be taken during the surgery phase.

The ideal pre-surgery diet

  • Ample amounts of fruits and vegetables - These are easily digestible and rich sources of vitamin C, the vitamin that promotes the formation of collagen which promotes healing, increases the amount of energy, and thus expedites subsequent recovery.
  • Proteins - The muscles will remain inactive for a few weeks after the surgery. This necessitates the consumption of protein before undergoing the operation since proteins are muscles’ best friends.
  • Slow carbohydrates - Owing to the suspension of the body during surgery, constipation is promoted. Therefore, before acute medical interventions, digestion needs to be improved. This is exactly what slow carbohydrates such as rice or pasta help achieve.

Nutrition post the surgery

  • For the first day after the surgery, drink regular non-carbonated water.
  • After the surgery, consume only liquid food for some time.
  • Drink juice freshly squeezed from fruits and vegetables.
  • Consume Low-fat milk.

Generally, a few days after the surgery, the diet becomes more diverse.

Consult a knowledgeable surgeon

Although any general surgeon in Gurgaon would explain the role of a wholesome diet during the surgery phase to you, however, for a detailed diet chart to be followed before and after surgery, you must get in touch with the best surgeon in Gurgaon. Miracles health, one of the leading healthcare institutions in and around Delhi, features the best surgeon in Gurgaon, with whom you may get in touch.


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