What to expect from newborn care hospitals?

Are you going to be a mommy soon? Well, then naturally you desire the best for the newborn that is soon going to light your life. But, finding that one suitable newborn care hospital within the budget with all the latest amenities, can be a tough task. But, Apollo Cradle helps you make the perfect choice so that your pregnancy is free from all kinds of complications, and is a smooth sailing one. Of course, comfort is of prime importance to the mother, and newborn that has arrived or is waiting to come, but there are other things that you must consider. And, here they are:

Credentials of the staff and obstetricians

You can gauge the credentials of the staff and obstetricians in the initial few meetings. In a baby care hospital Gurgaonyou must always look for patient obstetricians that possess the time to answer your questions patiently and clearly. Just how, Apollo Cradle houses the world’s best understanding obstetricians that can assure you a normal and safe delivery besides clarifying any doubts. You must take feedback from the known sources that can help you find out about the hospital and the staff.

An adult ICU and NICU

If you are a baby care hospital then always look for the one that has a neonatal care unit. Such a unit ensures that during the entire pregnancy, the hospital is well-equipped for handling emergencies at the last minute. That is because there may be premature births or birth of sick babies, who may require special care.

Make sure that the NICU has exceptional medical equipment that include well-trained staff, cardiac monitors, respiratory monitors, phototherapy lights, feeding tubes, and incubators. Also, the hospital must have an adult ICU to take care of the mother at any given moment.

Access to blood bank

It is vital for any baby care hospital to have unlimited access to a blood bank. That is because, often after births there may be moments of excessive bleeding. And, it is then that the mother requires blood transfusion therefore always make sure that the baby care hospital is linked to the blood bank. So, if you require they can get blood matching your blood type. And, if the hospital possesses its very own blood bank, do not forget to enquire about its accessibility, power arrangements, and cleanliness.

The hygiene levels

You can gauge the quality of a nursing home or hospital by witnessing their levels of hygiene in the bathrooms, staff rooms and equipment used. If you ever get a chance to take a tour of the hospital or nursing home, check if staffs sterilize the medical equipment, clean the rooms daily, prepare the food hygienically, and change the linen regularly.

Besides everything, do not forget to check the washrooms because if the bathrooms are not clean, then there can be infection risks. Knowing all this will make you feel comfortable as a hospital must need hygiene standards.

Power backup and ambulance services

Small hospitals and nursing homes have facilities that are enough to tackle common situations. But you need to choose your hospital on the basis of the nursing’s home’s capability to provide you an ambulance whenever there are complications. So make sure that the hospital you select presents ambulance services. Lastly, make sure that the maternity hospital has 100 percent backup of power not just for the fans, lights and lifts but incubators, and medicine refrigerators.


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