When do you need an MRI scan for your wrist?

The wrist is a complex ensemble of bones on the body that encompasses an arch of eight small bones, and complex nerves running underneath it, to supply the fingers. Any compression on these nerves by these bones could result in a serious condition referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome, causing irreversible damage to the fingers. The wrist is also prone to injuries, from a sudden impact, arthritis, repetitive stress, etc. In instances of minor injuries such as sprains, rest and ice could be of help, but when pain and tenderness persist in the wrist for weeks, an MRI or CT scan of the wrist will be prescribed to gain a more accurate diagnosis.

When do we need an MRI scan of the wrist?

An MRI makes use of powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to seek detailed images of the body components. MRI scan is a painless and safe procedure and by taking an MRI &CT Scan in Gurgaon you can obtain a clear diagnosis and plan treatment accordingly. Some reasons when doctors prescribe MRI and CT scans of the wrist are,

  • Swelling in the wrist: Swelling in the wrist could indicate a serious injury of the wrist, especially if it lasts more than a couple of days. It indicates a fracture, or damage to a ligament, cartilage, or tendon.
  • Numbness: Tingling and numbness in the wrist along with loss of pain and sensation indicates an underlying nerve injury and it should also be treated immediately by a medical professional.
  • Deformity: Irregularities in the wrist such as a bent wrist, irregularities in the joints could call for an MRI and a CT scan, to identify the exact problem in the organ.
  • Limited motion in the wrist: If you are having difficulties in moving the arm or the wrist, then it denotes that the wrist injury is more severe than anticipated. If there is difficulty in flexing the joints or finding it hard to hold or carry objects, then further tests and investigations are mandatory.
  • Bruising and discoloration: If you find a bluish or a reddish discoloration in the wrist under the skin, then it denotes bleeding in the tissues, and the doctor immediately prescribes an MRI and CT scan to rule out the cause of the problem.
  • Arthritis and Ganglia: Inflammation of the joints in the wrist is termed arthritis and ganglia are the benign tumors of the soft tissues of the hand. Both these conditions can be diagnosed with the help of MRI scans.

MRI of the wrist is a diagnostic tool for the clinical management of wrist problems, including traumatic injuries and chronic syndromes.

Bottom Line:

The CT scan price in Gurgaon is very affordable and thus, if you are worried that your wrist pain is the result of a serious injury, then you can consult the doctor and take up the screening test. A delayed diagnosis could result in a permanent disability, loss of motion, and delayed healing. A prompt diagnosis at the right time could save the wrist and the hand.


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