7 things to always discuss with your gynaecologist

More often than not, women may be hesitant to discuss their health concerns with their gynaecologist. However, if you want the right treatment, you must consult the best gynaecologist hospital in Gurgaon and provide complete information about yourself.

  1. The medical history of your family

Being aware of your family's medical history will allow your gynecologist to design the proper treatment plan for you.

  • Your medical history

To ensure that you get properly treated, your gynecologist must know everything about your health.

  • Menstrual cycle

When you visit the gynaecologist hospital in Gurgaon, be sure to discuss the pattern of your cycles with your gynecologist.

  • Unusual symptoms

When you have any unexpected signs, like abdominal pain, sudden weight loss or gain, unusual spotting, breast tenderness, feeling of nausea, and more, you must discuss it with best gynae in Gurgaon.

  • Your lifestyle habits

Inform your gynecologist about your daily routines, such as exercise, food, and smoking or drinking. Your gynae must be aware of these details to deliver the best possible healthcare.

  • Sexual wellness

Even if it is uncomforatble to talk about your sexual history with your gynaecologist, they need to know about it to understand previous illnesses or sexually transmitted infections.

  • Contraception

Birth control pills or other forms of contraception have certain health impacts. You should let your gynecologist know about it for better health outcomes.


Remember that your gynaecologist is an excellent source of information and can assist you in receiving the care you require. Make an appointment with the best gynae near me if you want medical care based on mutual trust and communication.


Why do some gynaes ask for self-breast exam reports?

Self examination of your mammary glands can make you aware of preventive diseases. Your gynecologist will check your self-breast examination to diagnose any underlying problem and provide the appropriate treatment.

What can cause low libido?

You can develop low libido due to certain drug use or stress, or it can be a sign of another underlying medical problem.

Why is informing your gyne about your pregnancy important?

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, your gynecologist can help with the right things to do during that period.


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