Abdominal CT Scan - Process and Preparation

Computed Tomography scans are non-invasive diagnostic procedures that make use of a combination of techniques to gain horizontal and axial images of the abdomen and any other body part. In the CT scan, we can see detailed images of any body part, including the bones, fat, organs, muscles, and even the blood vessels.  In a CT scan, the machine moves around the body in circles, thus seeking diverse views of the same body organ. The information is then sent to a computer that interprets the data and displays them in the form of 2D images on the monitor.

Preparing for the CT scan:

It may be required to fast for two to four hours before taking the CT scan. At times, the doctor will ask to stop certain medications before the test. It may be required to wear loose and comfortable clothing before the procedure. Things such as jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, hair clips, safety pins, garments with metal underwire, and hearing aids should be removed before the procedure.

Some CT scans are taken with a contrast. Barium liquid or diatrizoate sodium liquid is given at least 60 minutes before the test, as an oral drink before taking the scan. They will help the doctors to get a better image of the digestive organs. If the doctor wants to highlight the blood vessels and other structures, he might send an iodine-based contrast dye intravenously. Sometimes the doctor might prescribe an MRI scan instead of a CT scan. The MRI scan in Gurgaon is similar to CT, except that it uses magnetic waves to achieve the images.

Abdominal CT scan procedure:

It takes about 10 to 30 minutes to take an abdominal CT scan. The scan will be performed in the radiology department of the hospital. First, the patient will be asked to change to the hospital dress and the technician will make them lie on the procedure table. A contrast dye can be put in the veins depending on the type of scan.

The patient should stay still in a particular position throughout the test. Pillows and straps can be used to retain the position for a long time to yield high-quality images. The patients can also be asked to hold their breath for brief durations during the scan.

The technician will operate the device from a separate room and with the help of remote control, they will move the table into the CT machine, which looks like a giant metal doughnut. The patient will be sent through the machine several times, depending on the organs that are covered in the skin. Finally, the technician will review the images to make sure that they are clear enough for the doctor to interpret.

Bottom Line:

CT scans or MRI in Gurgaon for the abdomen are generally ordered to have a detailed study of the gastrointestinal organs, endocrine organs, organs of the reproductive system. It is a diagnostic study to confirm cancers and other lesions and to identify infections and bleeding in the abdominal organs. They are also used as a guiding procedure for biopsies and sample aspirations from the abdominal organs.


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