Caffeine and Fertility: The Curious Link

To keep his senses awake and functioning, modern man has resorted to stimulants such as coffee, tea, and other energy drinks. Our present-day work culture demands us to be workhorses. The vicious circle of work, anxiety, and stress for good performance has not only deprived him of sound sleep but has also resulted in a number of diseases and lifestyle issues for him. Research studies around the world show that an increase in caffeine intake is causing serious long-term health problems in both men and women.

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In men, the quality of semen has been declining worldwide. It is speculated that excess caffeine compromises the Sperm-DNA integrity.

For women who drink large amounts of caffeine, it may take longer to become pregnant. Miscarriage, stillbirth, and low-birth-weight babies are also more likely.


Caffeine is found in varying amounts in coffee, black and green tea, chocolate, energy drinks, and soft drinks. Caffeine gives you the kick of alertness and causes blood pressure to rise. A cup of coffee has 85 gm of caffeine on an average basis. Caffeine can range from 40 mg to 175 mg per cup depending on the type and quality of coffee beans and the method of preparation. A man who consumes 4 to 6 cups (400 mg) of caffeinated drinks is at a greater risk of infertility.

In women, 300 mg of caffeine increases the risk of spontaneous abortion (SAB). More caffeine intake doubles the risk of miscarriage.

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