Ensuring Wellbeing of Children in Todays Hi Tech World

Children born in the 21st century are aptly called "digital natives"! The use of smart technology devices has gone crazily up in just a decade as more than 50% of children in the world now possess smart gadgets. The highly engrossing content and non-stop entertainment are taking children as hostages. Kids are losing their minds over digital games and other irrelevant content spread across cyberspace. This has become a vicious circle.

Many parents notice a sharp decline in their child's cognitive and learning abilities and link this problem to overuse of smart devices and increased screen time. Often, parents take their kids to a children's hospital to resolve their addiction and other mental health problems arising due to these unhealthy habits. A children’s clinic comes to the rescue of those distressed children who require rehabilitation to lead healthier lives.


Being a parent, you need to take on the responsibility for your child’s screen time. Screen-time is defined as the duration of time people spend with any type of screen, including TVs, PCs, tablets, smartphones, iPads, smartwatches, etc.

It is highly advisable that in the early years of a child’s development, screen time should either be completely avoided or highly limited. Parents should find time to engage with their kids' in play, open conversation, and a healthy daily routine.


Recent research has shown that there is a strong correlation between screen time and language development in children ranging in age from neonatal to three years old. The language delay in kids occurs due to the child’s early exposure to smart gadgets. The COVID-19 pandemic has confined children to their homes for almost 2 years. Regular online classes and increased screen time have caused a plethora of mental and other health issues in children. Parents across India are now increasingly visiting childrens hospital.

Coping with the mental distress in children caused due to increased screen time requires the helping hand of a pediatric doctor. You can make an online appointment at the best children’s clinic in your city.


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