Failed IVF: What to do next?

There can be various reasons for IVF failure. But after investing a hefty amount of money and time in getting a fruitful outcome from the IVF treatment, when it fails, it feels miserable. Did your first IVF treatment also fail, and you are going through the same? Well, don't worry; there are many solutions to failed IVF, as discussed below. Have a look!

Eat healthily and live healthily

While you make another attempt at IVF treatment, you need to be more conscious about your health and lifestyle. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, having junk foods, and being exposed to extreme pollution. Instead, maintain a healthy diet and positive environment around you.

If you are obese, losing a minimum of 20% of your weight can bring about an optimistic change in your capability to become pregnant. Couples are usually suggested to cease having alcohol and smoking at least 90 days before starting another IVF cycle.

Opt for third-party donor

If you or your partner have poor quality or inadequate number of gametes, donor eggs or sperms will be your savior. Donors are rigorously examined, and only those under 28 are chosen, as their gametocytes are healthier. The rate of success for IVF with donor eggs or sperms is relatively high.

Though the emotional effect is massive, a failed IVF cycle gives some vital information about your infertile embryo or your husband's weak sperm. Based on it, optimal solutions can be taken to increase your possibilities of fertility success in future. So, if you want to know more about the next steps after a failed IVF cycle, Now you can book an appointment with the best doctors of the town through Miracles Fertility & IVF Clinic.


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