Is It Safe To Have An MRI While Im Pregnant

MRI stands for the term Magnetic Resonance Imagining. Doctors suggest an MRI scan when they cannot procure medical information of a particular body part through ultrasound regarding you and your child’s health care. For pregnant women, their baby’s health is one of the most important things to be handled with care. Ultrasound is recommended by doctors to pregnant ladies, as it is the safest method. When ultrasound fails to obtain the required details, doctors advise for an MRI scan. But before going through any medical process, it is significant to know about its benefits, risks, and side effects. The organizations of MRI scan in Gurgaon utilize the updated and newest technology for scanning.

The suggestion of Medical Organizations

MRI scan at the time of pregnancy is highly appreciated by professional institutions and can get a detailed and prominent image of intense and soft tissues without using ionizing radiation. Ultrasound cannot capture the condition of the brain, spine, abdomen, pelvis, and chest with clear images. It is a crucial procedure to assess the medical information of these parts. When doctors suspect any peculiarity or abnormality of the fetus, they use MRI to recognize the issue. So MRI scan is recommended and acknowledged by renowned organizations to get vital medical reports that ultrasound cannot offer. 

These organizations warn to avoid gadolinium-based contrast particles, which get used to increase the efficiency of MRI for the would-be mothers. The gadolinium-based contrast particles are different from MRI and can cause harm to the growing embryo. In some conditions, the use of contrast agents can make an injury severe. So you must have comprehensive data. However, if your gynecologist suggests an MRI in Gurgaon, inquire about the contrast that will get utilized in the whole process, the risk and benefits associated with the particular process concerning you and your baby’s well-being. The best clinics for MRI scan in Gurgaon provides all-inclusive details about every individual contrasts.

 Researchers Advice

An informative article related to MRI was published in JAMA on September 16, 2006. They had studied millions of births for nearly 12 years. They differentiated the births and infancy symptoms and kid issues as:

  • Would-be mothers who went through an MRI scan without using contrast particles in their first trimester.
  • Pregnant women who experienced an MRI scan using gadolinium-based contrast.
  • Women who have not been through MRI.

The study concentrated on the first trimester as at this stage the uncertainty stays at a high level. So, the study reveals either in the first trimester or during pregnancy, MRI does not cause any harm to the fetus or during infancy. MRI scan with gadolinium contrast during pregnancy gets pointed as the source of threats, including neonatal death, stillbirth, or other abnormalities. The clinics for MRI in Gurgaon report many peculiarities associated with gadolinium.

Final Thought

MRI, one of the vital procedures in medical science, is used to diagnose many crucial diseases. For instance, if your doctor prescribes an MRI in your pregnancy, do not forget to discuss the reason, the dangers, and the benefits.


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