Managing spine health while living with osteoporosis

Are you suffering from Osteoporosis and managing your pain is becoming difficult, then you don’t need to worry as you just need to keep a check on your general health to regain your spinal bone strength. Maintaining a right lifestyle is crucial in managing the Osteoporosis.

Thus with the approval of the bone doctor in Gurgaon go for the bone mineral density test and get to know about the state of your illness so as to manage your health adequately. And have a glance at some tips which are suitable for the patients living with osteoporosis.

  • Follow the right posture: Always try to sit straight and make sure while sitting that you have a support on your lower waist with a pillow or rolled up towel.
  • Have the right intake of food: Include chicken bones in your diet as they consist of calcium and magnesium which proves to be healthy in building the right bone density. And if you’re a vegetarian include the calcium rich food and more of dairy products to your meal.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Refrain having smoking or drinking alcohol as it can adversely affect your pain.
  • Exercises: It proves to be the best remedy in resolving your pain to a greater extent. Go for a walk and weight bearing exercises on a daily basis for round about 30 minutes.
  • Exposure in the Sunlight: Sit in the sun for a favorable duration by avoiding the sun burn. In order to retain the right density of the bone the vitamin D tests are done which can be sufficiently managed by the heat of sun.
  • Precautions: In the case of osteoporosis, the risk and chances of falling is dangerous therefore in order to avoid the further trouble make sure your eye checkup is done and avoid wearing heels at this time.


The healing process of the osteoporosis varies from patients to patients and how intense is the fracture. Of course, the process is painful but there’s a 100% probability to recover from the problem. With the help of medication and will power one can overcome with the disease by having the right guidance and supervision throughout the treatment.

There are various techniques to deal with the diseases where more than one technique is applied for the treatment. For instance drug treatment, heat treatment where warm baths are referred and cold treatment wherein the massages and cold treatments are done.

Osteoporosis affects the normal functioning of the daily life where walking, twisting, bending, becomes cumbersome and painful. And sometimes this pain goes intense which leads to curve in the. The side effects of it are deformity, loss of height, immobility, back pain, etc.

As the age passes by the tendency of the bone to weaken increases therefore Age plays a major role in osteoporosis and it is even observed that the ladies are more prone to disease than men. It is a worldwide issue which is spreading with greater speed to the large parts of the world.


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