Physiotherapy for sciatica - Why is it the best treatment option?


If you have ever felt moderate to severe pain in your legs, back and buttock region, then you are probably suffering from Sciatica. This is the condition that results from the underlying damage to the sciatic nerve. If there is compression or injury to the vertebrae from where the sciatic nerve originates, it could also result in sciatica. The condition is quite common among people between the ages of 30 and 50.

Causes and Symptoms of Sciatica:

The commonest causes of Sciatica are years of poor posture, excess workload, stress, and could be congenital as well. Injury to the spinal cord that affects the nerves that run along the back can also be a cause of Sciatica. The most common symptom of Sciatica is pain, which gets worse with movement. The other symptoms are,

. Weakness and numbness in the legs and feet

·         Painful tingling sensation in the feet and toes

·         Inability to control the bowel and bladder

·         Loss of feeling and movement

Best treatment option for Sciatica:

Physiotherapy is the best treatment option for Sciatica and the physiotherapy clinics in Gurgaon focus on reducing the pain of the patient through passive physical therapies and improving the quality of life. The techniques used in Physiotherapy helps in improving the quality of life of the patients and aims to restore normal flexibility and complete muscle functionality. Also, they help prevent the recurrence of sciatic pain. The Physiotherapist will perform a range of exercises to relieve tension on the muscles and to improve muscle strength. They will suggest exercises to restore the normal functioning of the body, especially the lower back and the legs. The goal of physiotherapy treatment for Sciatica is as follows.

·         It helps in restoring the functional movement of the back and the joints

·         It relieves the lower back, the thigh, leg pain, and the buttock regions

·         Physiotherapy helps in relieving the muscle spasm

·         It restores the function of the lumbar spine and the sacroiliac joint.

·         Physiotherapists help in improving the mobility of the lower body.

·         Physiotherapy helps to promote neurological adaptations to reduce pain perception.

·         Above all, they prevent future pain flare-ups.

Physiotherapy centers in Gurgaon are pioneers in relieving sciatic pain by prescribing a combination of different techniques such as physical techniques, exercise therapies, soft tissue mobilization, etc. They prescribe flexion and extension back exercises, strengthening exercises, functional retraining, joint mobilization, and manipulation techniques, etc. They help in enhancing the range of motion with the help of posture and lifestyle modification techniques for Sciatica.

Physiotherapists in Gurgaon help people with lower back pain and sciatica undergo relief through their specific exercise schedule. They also direct the movement of the spine and the muscles and suggest both isometric and isotonic exercises to improve muscle strength and relieve symptoms.

Bottom Line:

Physiotherapy is an ideal treatment of choice to help reduce pain and inflammation of the lower back and the legs. It helps in improving physical function and also prevents the recurrences of sciatica symptoms.


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