Piles and Fissures? - Consider Laser Treatment

Piles are one of the most popular issues that are witnessed in middle-aged individuals to elderly adults. Apart from piles, some of them face severe problems with fissures. Mostly, people with piles and fissures visit the general surgeon in Gurgaon or any other city to get treatment. Most people fail to know the accurate disease for discomfort or pain down there. They do not understand the difference between fissures and piles. Piles or fissures both have related symptoms. Whenever a person feels discomfort or pain around the anal area or sees blood in toilet paper or stool, he/she suspects it to be piles.

About Piles

The swelling of tissue and blood veins in the anal area, particularly around the anal opening, is known as piles. It occurs due to sitting on a hard surface for long hours, putting pressure or strain on blood veins in the anal area. It also occurs due to chronic cough, constipation, and pregnancy. The most common symptoms include painful bowel movements, blood in stool, and painful lump near the anus. In addition, the person can also experience itching and pain around the anal area.

About Fissures

It is the tear in the tender skin of the anal opening. It is caused due to regular passing of hard stool. Apart from this, constipation, pregnancy, sitting on a toilet seat for a long time, Crohn’s Disease can also cause fissures. The common symptoms include a small lump near the tear, a tear around the anal area, painful bowel movements, itching or burning sensation around the anal area, and blood in the stool or toilet paper.


  • Treatment for Piles

In the initial stages, medicine can cure piles. Moreover, the doctor may also prescribe a healthy, high fiber diet and a lot of water every day. Coldwater and ice packs offer instantaneous but temporary relief from the pain. With general surgery or laser surgery, piles can cure permanently. Hemorrhoidectomy is surgery to get rid of hemorrhoids. General anesthesia or spinal anesthesia is given before the surgery. Incisions are made in the tissue near the hemorrhoid. The swollen vein within the hemorrhoid is tied off to stop bleeding, and the hemorrhoid is eliminated.

On the other hand, laser surgery by the General Surgery in Gurgaon is even less invasive as no tissues need to be cut. The affected area is treated with laser energy in a focused and precise manner, and the problem is solved in a few minutes. Patients can resume their work immediately after surgery. A laser hemorrhoidoplasty procedure is better than a conventional open surgical hemorrhoidectomy.

  • Treatment for Fissure

Fissure treatments relax the anal sphincter by the passage of soft stool to endorse fast healing. In case of an acute fissure, the doctor recommends mild medication and eating a nutritious, fiber-rich diet with lots of water and other healthy fluids for recovery. Patient with acute fissure requires a surgical procedure. Open surgery for fissure is painful and takes a long time to cure. Thus, the best treatment for fissure is laser surgery, which takes half an hour to offer a permanent and pain-free cure for fissure.


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