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General Surgery

General surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on surgeries of the internal organs such as small intestine, large intestine, esophagus, stomach, appendix, gall bladder, pancreas, etc.Along with traditional open surgical approaches we also have specialties for laparoscopic surgery orkeyhole surgery, where instead of one large incision, a few tiny incisions are made to view andoperate.

Our surgeons make use of laparoscopes to diagnosis complex pathologies as well. Our doctors strive to render the best surgical and post-surgical care for our patients. Our doctors create a personalized treatment planfor every patient considering their overall health and work towards their early recovery. The useof minimally invasive techniques helps in reducing theoverall duration of hospitalization and reduces the recovery time of patients.

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What Should You Eat Before And After Surgery?

Surgery of any kind is always taxing on your body as it is subject to a significant amount of stress before and post the surgery. To overcome this stress, a lot of energy has to be expended. This increases the energy requirement of your body, which can only be fulfilled with wholesome nutrition. Besides, research […]

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Types of hernia and what are the treatment options?

Internal organs bulge and come out through a weak spot in your muscle or tissue when you have a hernia. It may come in association with pain and obstruction in the bowel and could include indigestion, chest pain, heartburn etc. So, if you ever observe any of these symptoms, don’t wait long! Visit the best […]

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Things to Know about Laparoscopic Surgeries

Laparoscopic Surgeries

Laparoscopy surgery refers to a minimally invasive surgery that requires nothing but a 5mm incision. The procedure is done using a laparoscope, a long, narrow gadget, introduced into the patient’s belly through a small incision. Getting a laparoscopic surgery in Gurgaon would involve inserting a long, thin tube with a high-resolution camera into your abdomen […]

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