Safe Exercises for Pregnant Woman

Keeping the health upright is the basic determining factor to keep oneself fit. Hence exercising in pregnancy is always considered suitable in combating the difficult phases of it. For a healthy and normal delivery there are few exercises recommended by the gynaecologists for the pregnant women. Wherein strengthening the muscles is an important one as it helps the pregnant women in getting relieved from fatigue, stress and body ache.

These exercises must be done under the right supervision and guidance on a regular basis in order to derive the adequate results. Around 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis is enough to keep you in the right health. Moreover, join the pregnancy health care exercises for desirable outcome. Some of the best exercises prescribed during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Walking– Walking is one of the safest and easiest exercise during pregnancy. As it helps in reducing stress, keeps the heart rate normal, tones muscles, prevents excess weight gain and protects from gestational diabetes.
  • Tree Pose– In this exercise one has to stand in a mountain pose with balance on one foot at a time. This exercise helps in strengthening leg muscles and also stretches and strengthen the torso.
  • Butterfly Pose– In this exercise the woman should sit with back straight and stretch the legs out. While bending the knees she should breathe out and pull the heels towards the pelvis.

After that press the soles of the feet together and put the knees to the sides. This exercise stimulates the heart and improves the blood circulation in the body and also helps in relieving fatigue and anxiety.

  • Chair Pose– Stand with hips-width apart and start to bend the knees as if sitting on a chair. Keep the back straight and sink as far as the legs strengthens creating a 90 degree angle between the back and thighs. This exercise strengthens and tones the back muscle and stretches the shoulders and opens the chest.
  • Indoor Cycling: The indoor cycling helps in deciding the right pace of cycling and the pedalling allows the circulation of blood in legs and ankles, and keeps up the back upright. This even assists in avoiding the jerky roads on the pathway.

 By keeping in mind the restrictions which are levied by the doctors, the exercises must be done. For instance the patients of asthma, heart diseases, or diabetes must avoid such work outs. The little risk exercises are preferred and over doing of it is always a big no. following a pattern in exercising during this phase proves beneficial for both baby and the pregnant lady. Therefore, go for the antenatal classes in Gurgaon and get the dedicated advice on the exercises that are suitable.


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