Secrets to a healthy glowing skin

Just as the face is the index of the mind; the skin is the health index of your body’s physiology. A healthy, glowing, and radiant skin is the result of a healthy metabolism and optimal body functioning. Whereas, pale and dull skin indicates that your skin is urging for more attention and maintenance.

Tips for healthy glowing skin:

All of us long for healthy and glowing skin as it is a mark of beauty and nourishment. We take a lot of measures to keep those wrinkles, blemishes and anti-aging marks at bay to flaunt a beautiful skin for years. But how far we are successful is a matter of serious debate. Here are some of the secrets for healthy glowing skin, as suggested by skin specialists.

  • Sleep well to enhance your beauty:

Shutting your eyes for 8 hours and taking a deep sleep is a potential adjuvant for a pleasant skin. Often debated as beauty sleep, eight hours of undisturbed sleeping alleviates the stress of the tired skin and helps the internal organs to rejuvenate. After all, they too need to recharge for another tiring day. Sleep helps in maintaining your hormones at optimal levels and helps in a glowing skin from within.

  • Concentrate on what you eat:

Do not skip breakfast as it helps you to gain more energy and metabolism like that of sleep and results in more hydrated and resilient skin. Dermatologists in Gurgaon recommend taking fruits rich in antioxidants such as berries and veggies in ample quantities. Try to eat food in the colors of a rainbow to benefit from a healthy and radiant complexion. Antioxidants also have anti-aging properties and protect the skin from UV rays, stress, and pollution.

  • Cut down the sugar intake:

For the basic reason that sugar intake triggers inflammatory processes in the body that results in aging, it is recommended to curb sugar intake considerably. Excess sugar intake can also result in hardening of the skin, wrinkle formation, and bloating. Thus, curb simple sugars and processed foods from your diet as far as you can if you care for a radiant skin.

  • Don’t treat your skin with warm showers:

Taking hot showers for a long time can feel relaxing and de-stressing, but it may not be that great for your skin. The hot water will ward off the protective oils of the skin, making it vulnerable to damage. The skin loses its protective function and loses an ample amount of its moisture as well. You will end up in dry skin that can break easily.

  • Schedule visits with the dermatologist:

Self-treatment is a dangerous weapon against the skincare paradigm. It is always optimal to take guidance from dermatologists if you feel your skin needs help.


Most people think dermatologists are to treat only serious skin ailments and they can handle the minor remedies by themselves. But the best way for preventive skin care is to take consultation from a renowned dermatologist and follow their advice starting from the choice of skincare products to treating the damaged skin.


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