The essential new born screenings

The urging need of the new born baby screening is a compulsion for every parent in order to get rid of the future disorders and illness which might the baby can face. Thus the specialised new born screening is the testing of the newly born babies which are preferred within the 72 hours of baby’s birth. In order to be aware of the certain conditions and disorders in detail which can affect the normal life of the baby these test are the justified solutions to your worry.

With the early detection and treatments the child can be prevented from physical and intellectual disabilities or any other life threatening illness. There are some basic tests which gives the idea about the overall body functioning. Which includes blood test, hearing test and congenital heart disease screening, etc. which are performed by the paediatrician.

There are at times certain disabilities and disorders prevalent in the babies which if get rectified at the time of their birth. It helps in combating the scenario. Thus with the right medication and proper food the baby’s health can be protected and nourishment can be maintained. Thus get the examinations done at the certified newborn tests clinicThe common new born screening tests which every parent must go through are:

Congenital Hypothyroidism– One in every 4000 new born are affected by congenital hypothyroidism. These tests are not done just after the baby is born as it might dismantle the results later. These tests are even done twice within the span of two weeks in order to retain the accuracy of the tests. And if the affected child is not identified and treated properly after birth, growth failure, mental retardation, neurologic abnormalities and deafness can occur.

Phenylketonuria (PKU)- New born affected with PKU lacks an enzyme called phenylalanine hydroxylase and one needs to process phenylalanine which is an amino acid in the diet of the child which if left unchecked leads to brain damage. Thus you get rid of any mental retardation and nervous system issues

Infectious disease- Typically the new born baby are diagnosed with two infectious disease and they are HIV or hepatitis B. As the new born babies are vulnerable to communicable diseases these tests becomes mandatory. And if the pregnant lady is suffering from any such disease there are greater chances that it might occur in their body as well.

Genetic Tests: these tests are performed to know about the hereditary risk of the disease. And if there are any family history, some usual blood tests are upheld which defines about the DNA

The various physical examination helps in saving the life of the new born baby and giving them a better life ahead. Right from eyes, hearts, hips, the testing of each body organ is done to know about the general health condition. The testing procedure are simple and easy to perform which can be done at any newborn baby tests hospital. Hence without much ado take your own call.


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