Tips for New Moms to ensure their baby's safety during the pandemic

The current coronavirus pandemic has instilled a sense of fear and insecurity in the minds of all people and the expectant mothers are all the more panicked about the health and the safety of their newborn children. Having a new baby is a huge milestone in the lives of young adults, and birthing the baby amidst the pandemic makes it even more challenging for them. Starting from searching for a safe birthing hospital to limiting visitors and keeping the baby away from the infection are all diverse challenges that the young parents of the current generation have to face.

Important tips for new mothers to ensure their baby’s safety:

The first important tip that expectant mothers have to follow is choosing the best maternity hospital to have a safe delivery and post-natal period during the pandemic. They have to understand that the birthing hospital they choose could have made several policy changes and it is important for them to follow and abide by the new guidelines.

1. Choosing the best hospital for giving birth.

The birthing hospitals in Gurgaon follow the covid safety protocols rigorously and are designed to protect the health of the mother and the newborn baby. These birthing hospitals are safe and ready to welcome the baby and they follow all barrier medical techniques to make sure that the chances of transmitting the infection are eliminated.

The best delivery hospital in Gurgaon creates a comprehensive birth plan that outlines the available birthing techniques and approaches along with scheduling appropriate postpartum care for the mother and baby.

2. Practicing additional hygiene measures during the pandemic:

New moms should make sure that they adopt additional hygiene measures to make sure that even the slightest chances of getting infected are eliminated. They should continue to breastfeed the child and wear a mask while handling the baby. They should wash their hands with soap before handling the baby and take additional effort to disinfect the surfaces appropriately. Even in case, the mother falls sick or develops symptoms such as fever or cough, she should seek medical help at the earliest and follow the instructions of the healthcare provider completely.

3. Seek help:

New mothers are prone to postpartum depression and stress and the prevalence of the pandemic only adds to their stress levels. The birthing hospitals in Gurgaon make sure that the mental health of the new mothers is preserved with frequent consultation with mental health providers, both during hospitalization and after the mother is discharged from the hospital through online consultations.

Bottom Line:

The delivery hospitals in Gurgaon make sure that they put strict hygiene practices in place and follow all covid appropriate behavior to make sure that the expectant mothers feel confident in their birthing practices. They also make sure that they have a smooth post-partum period by scheduling regular visits, to have a follow-up on the mother’s and child’s health and baby’s vaccination schedule. In the situation of ongoing pandemic delivery must happen at the best place where the mother is confident to welcome her unborn child to the world.


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