Tips to maintain good menstrual hygiene

Every woman has to go through menstruation as it is a normal occurrence. Yet, it is considered taboo in society. Women have to maintain secrecy about their monthly cycle and its associated discomfort. For the sake of maintaining secrecy, a lot of women follow unsanitary practices. Apart from the hygiene issues, there are other dilemmas as well, including cramps, irregular bleeding, etc. for which women search for gynaecologist near me.

The best gynaecologist doctor in Gurgaon recommends the following practices to maintain menstrual hygiene:

Changing sanitary pads every 4-6 hours

It is vital to change the napkin every 6 hours to keep the vagina clean. Bacteria develop on napkins and multiply in the presence of warm blood. It can cause urinary tract infections and rashes. Frequently changing sanitary napkins avoids the growth of bacteria.

Avoid soap or vaginal hygiene products

The vaginal cleaning mechanism is a balance of good and bad bacteria. Artificial soaps can kill good bacteria, disturbing the cleaning mechanism. Only at room temperature water should be used regularly to clean the vagina and maintain good health.

Taking care of the rash 

When the pad has been moist for a long time and scrapes against the thighs, it causes rash and chaffing of the thighs. To heal the rash, the ointment should be applied after bathing and before going to bed. Changing the pad at regular intervals should be ensured. However, if the problem persists, you should look for a gynaecologist near me to get suitable medication.

Right disposal of sanitary product

It is critical to properly dispose of soiled napkins or tampons because they can transmit illnesses and smell terrible. Wrap it carefully before discarding it to prevent stink and infection. Any kind of sanitary product should not be flushed down the toilet as it may result in blockage of the passage. Lastly, wash your hands properly to avoid infection.

It is crucial to maintain menstrual health. Avoidance of cleanliness during the menstruation cycle can lead to serious infections. Miracles Health has the best gynaecologist doctor in Gurgaon who can guide you about the dos and don’ts of a healthy menstrual cycle. Ranging from sanitary practices to overall reproductive health, Miracle health can help with almost everything related to gynaecology.


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