Treating Cold and Cough with General Physician

Cold and cough are highly common, especially when the weather changes. Though, it may be due to seasonal allergies, or other reasons as well that can surely be controlled easily. At times, cold and cough can be dangerous and may be a sign of some serious illness. You need to visit a trusted general physician in Gurgaon. It is vital to recognize signs and know that the problem is bigger than mere seasonal flu.

Cold & Cough Affect All Age Groups

  • A weather change brings lung infection for most people and they dread the change of seasons from one temperature to another. They fear of how their body will react to the weather changes; be it extremely hot or cold, some people end up with a cough and cold.
  • The most affected age group is the children and the elderly, however, even teens and adults are affected by common cold and cough. It is prevented if you plan a little so that your body can get used to the changes and not react seriously with a cough or cold.

Visiting a Doctor is a Must

  • Catching a cold normally doesn’t need a visit to the healthcare provider, unless there are some complications. Medication is not routinely provided for the virus that brings a common cold. Antibiotics will not work on a virus and common cold usually goes away within one to two week. However, if it doesn’t, then you need to visit the best clinic in Gurgaon and get your body check-up.
  • An expert will suggest you the suitable treatment to reduce some of the common symptoms like stuffy nose or sore throat. Undoubtedly, you can treat common cold and cough with some quick home remedies as they work just fine when you have nothing serious except for seasonal allergies. In severe cases, a doctor’s visit is essential to know the root cause of your condition.

When to See a Doctor

At times, you don’t really need medical care for the common cough or sore throat and just need to give your body some time to recover on its own. But some sore throats and blocked nose need the attention and inception of an expert doctor as you might be experiencing something more serious.

If you have a cough with any of these symptoms, see an internal medicine doctor in Gurgaon:

  • Shortness of breath or heavy breathing.
  • Coughing up blood, bloody mucus, or pink foamy mucus.
  • Getting green, tan, or yellow mucus in your cough.
  • Facing trouble while swallowing.
  • Fever, chills, or serious chest pain when you breathe deeply.

These are some of the signs that tells it might be a bacterial infection like strep throat that is treated with antibiotics. However, it can be other conditions too such as acid reflux, and you may require other treatments suggested by a professional doctor.


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