What Causes Nose Bleeds And How To Overcome Them?

Nosebleeds, although frightening, are not usually a cause of serious concern as they can most often be treated at home. The medical terminology for nosebleed is epistaxis. It is a condition wherein blood flows from either or both the nostrils. The bleeding may be light or profuse and generally lasts from a few seconds to fifteen or more minutes. Sometimes, you may have to seek medical help for nosebleeds. If such is the case, you should look out for the best ENT specialist in Gurgaon.

Causes of nosebleed

The inner walls of the human nose contain tiny, delicate blood vessels. If damaged, these blood vessels start bleeding relatively easily.

The most common causes of nosebleeds include:-

1. Pricking the nose

2. Blowing the nose very hard

3. Minor nose injury

4. Temperature or humidity changes that cause the inner walls of the nose to become dry and cracked

Treating nosebleeds at home

To stop a nosebleed:-

1. Immediately sit down Bend forwards and pinch with both fingers the part of your nose just above the nostrils.

2. Breathe through your mouth while leaning forward.

3. On the bridge of your nose, apply something cold such as an ice pack.

4. Instead of lying down, stay upright.

Connect with a specialist if...

Under certain conditions, one may need medical help for nosebleeds. Some of those conditions are:-

1. Nosebleeds occur regularly

2. An infant aged 2 years or below has nose bleeding

3. The bleeding continues for over 20 minutes

4. The bleeding is profuse and the patient loses a lot of blood

5. The patient has difficulty breathing

If you face any of the aforementioned conditions during a nosebleed, immediately consult a doctor. For the best treatment, you must consult the best ENT specialist in Gurgaon. There are a number of ENT doctors in Gurgaon, which makes it somewhat difficult to reach out to the best ones. As a leading healthcare institution in the Delhi NCR region, Miracles Healthcare has on-board some of the best ENT doctors in Gurgaon. You may reach out to Miracles Health for the best treatment of nosebleeds.


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