If you are pregnant and are looking at Normal delivery, then the  best  way to ensure that is that you exercise regularly. Besides walking during pregnancy right from the start of your pregnancy , you should  also include Prenatal Yoga in your daily routine. DR. Sadhna Sharma , the best Gynaecologist in Gurgaon is a strong proponent of Normal Delivery and herself  a Yoga Enthusiast. She believes that Yoga not only helps  to keep the body physically agile  but also helps  to  build on your mental strength.

Dr. Sadhna Sharma shares few Yoga postures which facilitates Normal Delivery. Prenatal Yoga benefits by

  • facilitating labour
  • improving sleep
  • reducing pain
  • improving blood circulation
  • strengthens pelvic area

Before doing these asanas it is important you consult your doctor and take advice as  to which you can do according to your pregnancy condition. Some asanas which require bending forwards  may not be recommended  during the  second trimester. Lying down on your back for prolonged periods is  not advisable as  it compresses the blood vessels supplying blood to the baby. If you feel tired, dizzy while doing the asanas stop as unnecessary strain should  be avoided during pregnancy.

7 yoga asanas for Normal Delivery

1- Chair pose (utkatsana)

This pose will strengthen your lower back, torso and  spine and stretch the chest muscles. It will help you develop mental and physical balance which will be needed  during labour.

2- Bhadrasana (butterfly pose )

Very beneficial asana for normal delivery. It helps to improve circulation to the pelvic area.  It also helps to strengthen inner thighs and buttocks and helps to increase mobility of hip joint.

3- konasana  (angle pose)

This  asana  adds  strength to the spine , arms , legs and sides of the body. It is specially helpful in cases of constipation and sciatica pain.

4- Parvatasana( mountain pose )

This stretch the lower back, arm and torso, relieving  any backache. It improves circulation in the lower abdomen and also  prepares  the body for labour.

5- Vakrasana (  twisted Pose )

This pose strengthen the back , spine , arms and legs. It massages the abdominal organs  to facilitate  labour.

6- Yastikasana ( stick pose )

This simple pose helps to relax you mentally and physically. It strengthens breathing  and reduces fatigue. You have a better  control on your breathing which helps you to manage labour pains.

7-Paryankasana (Hams  pose  with one leg )

It is adifficult pose , needs to be done under guidance. But it is very effective in stretching and relaxing your thighs, pelvic and abdominal muscles. Since it also stretches the respiratory diaphragm, it improves the breathing  and helps to reduce fatigue.


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