5 Superfoods to Boost Your Diet

As we all know, healthy eating leads to healthy living. At Miracles Health, we always recommend our patients to eat healthy so that they can overcome a wide variety of illnesses. We have the best physician in Gurgaon who will offer evidence-based treatment procedures. 

Miracles Health is always one step ahead of other healthcare providers in providing holistic care to the people in the northern India. So, what exactly are superfoods? Superfoods are those food items that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Consumption of superfoods in the right quantities will allow you to stay healthy. 

Leafy Vegetables 

We always recommend our patients to consume leafy greens in optimal quantities. Leaves such as collard, mustard, etc., are rich in vitamin A, C and calcium. You will also find the best physician in Gurgaon recommending these food items. 


Nuts are another superfood that will help you keep illnesses at the bay. Nuts are rich in protein and unsaturated fats. By consuming nuts, you can drastically decrease the chances of cardiac illnesses. You can consume plain them as a snack. You can even add them to make your daily dishes delicious. 


We also recommend our patients to consume fresh fish. We also have the top internal medicine doctor Gurgaon who will help you with the right diagnosis. Many types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Consuming fish will let you decrease the chances of cardiac illnesses. 

Whole Grains 

Whole grains are rich in fiber. Moreover, they contain a large number of B vitamins and other minerals. You can start your day with a bowl of oats and berries. Oats and berries will energize you to prepare for your everyday challenges. It is essential to consume whole wheat flour everyday to stay healthy. 

Olive Oil 

Olive oil can reduce the chances of developing major illnesses. This is because it contains vitamin E, monosaturated fatty acids and polyphenols. You can also use olive oil in everyday cooking. Olive oil will also lower bad cholesterol in your body. 

You can contact our internal medicine doctor Gurgaon to get the right suggestions on health. 


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