Benefits of 1.5 Tesla MRI over 3 Tesla MRI

With the advancement of science and technology, now it is possible to get clear and detailed imaging scans of the body with the help of MRI machines. Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is an extremely complex imaging machine, which creates very clear 3-D images of the body with the help of radio frequency waves and a powerful magnetic field, generated with the help of a huge magnet. MRI scans illustrate the difference between healthy tissue and diseased tissue which is very prominently visible to the physicians and helps in making a quick diagnosis. Hence, the MRI is beneficial in clinical settings and assists in determining critical diseases earlier than usual. Early detection of fatal diseases helps in reducing the fatality rate of the patient also.

Since the invention of the MRI machines, scientists and researchers continue to refine the technique of MRI imaging and revolutionize medicine in the process.

It does not take any genius to decipher that a 3 Tesla MRI Scanning machine yields double power and has twice the magnetic force than a 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanning machine. The strength of the magnet in the MRI is measured in Tesla. The quality of the imaging is directly proportional to the power of the magnet. However, when deciding upon the strength of the magnet, there are several factors to consider.  The person who needs the imaging and the specific body part which requires an MRI is a determining factor of the strength of the magnet.

The evaluated amount of energy absorbed by the patient’s body is the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR. The body produces immense heat if there is a higher absorption of energy. And, this phenomenon is potentially dangerous for the patient, as it may cause burns in the tissues.

With a 1.5 Tesla MRI, the chances of burnt tissues are very minimal, as compared to the 3 Tesla MRI. Also, when there are implants, and foreign bodies present inside the body of a patient, there may be errors in the imaging quality. The imaging errors are due to the interference of the magnetic field. The intervention is because of the presence of implants or foreign bodies. Hence, it is more likely that a stronger magnet as that in a 3 Tesla MRI will affect the imaging quality due to implants than a 1.5 Tesla MRI.

The final verdict

In a place where everything is all so perfect, one may often feel that stronger the power of magnet, the minute details are visible in the scans. But, it may not be the case for all individuals or in all cases. More than often, the 1.5 Tesla MRI is a better option than the 3 Tesla MRI, depending on the body part and the patient who is undergoing the imaging.

Also, the body composition of the patient, along with the body weight of the patient is accountable in determining the right magnitude. On the safe side, a 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanning Machine creates highly detailed images without imposing any threat upon the patient.


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