Breastfeeding - an essential role to play after birthing

A newly born baby has three demands only and these are- warmth in the mother’s arms, food from the breasts and security in her presence. You will be glad to know that breastfeeding reassures all three. Today countries all across the globe are highlighting the importance of breastfeeding. They are celebrating Breastfeeding week that emphasizes the significance of it in the very first hour of your baby’s life.

How does my baby benefit from breast milk?

You must know that it is the breast milk that presents ideal nutrition to the infants. It has the perfect mixture of fat, proteins, and vitamins and these are everything that your baby requires to have growth. After delivery, doctors will recommend exclusive breastfeeding to you for six months period.

You can continue that for a full year with several other food items that can begin from the time your baby is 6 months old. These include fruit proteins, grains, and vegetables. Considering your baby is unique, the decision of breastfeeding is entirely your call but here are a few benefits that you must know before giving it a pass.

  • The breast milk has the perfect infant formula as your baby can immediately ingest and digest it.
  • The milk contains antibodies and these help your baby in fighting off bacteria and viruses.
  • Breastfeeding for your baby, lowers the risks of contracting allergies and asthma.
  • Breastfeeding infants gain the right body weight as they are growing and do not become overweight.
  • Babies who are exclusively breastfed for the initial six months, without them being acclimated to some milk formula, do not get bouts of dysentery, respiratory illnesses, and ear infections.
  • You will be elated to know that breastfeeding results in fewer doctor trips or hospitalizations.
  • In the later phase of childhood, you will reap the advantages of breastfeeding as your child will have high IQ scores.
  • It has been said that breastfeeding also plays a crucial role to prevent SIDS that stands for sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Breastfeeding lowers cancer, obesity and diabetes risks as well.

How is breastfeeding a win-win game for the mother?

Breastfeeding lets you develop a symbiotic relationship with your baby because it helps you burn your calories and you shed the pregnancy pounds faster. It releases oxytocin and this hormone helps to restore the pre-pregnancy size of your uterus. Breastfeeding will reduce post-birth uterine bleeding and as per research studies also lowers the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.

So do not give in to buy formula milk, sterilize the nipples of the bottles, rather develop a bond with your newborn because breastfeeding is more about the love you give, than the milk you feed.


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