Common misconceptions regarding diet, before and after gallbladder surgery- What are the facts?

Although the gallbladder plays an important role in storing bile for fat digestion, an infection in this organ may require you to have it removed surgically. As long as you get it done by the best general surgeon in Gurgaon at a leading hospital like Miracles Healthcare, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, there are several misconceptions regarding gallbladder surgery, which we’d like to clear up. 

The myth about fat content in diet

Firstly, there’s a huge misconception regarding the diet to follow after a gallbladder surgery. Many believe that once you undergo gallstone removal surgery, you have to stick to a fat-free diet for the rest of your life. Although you need to control and restrict your fat intake, you don’t have to give up fatty foods entirely. 

Remember, a gallbladder doesn’t generate bile – the organ only stores the bile produced by the liver. The supply of bile turns into a trickle without the gallbladder, but the liver will still produce it continuously. Initially, you will have to follow a low-fat diet to give your body time to adjust to the absence of the gallbladder and streamline the fat digestion process. The best general surgeon in Gurgaon can advise you on the diet to follow and when you can start eating fatty foods again. 

Other common myths about gallbladder surgery

Now that you know the truth about eating fatty foods after a gallbladder surgery, let’s check out some of the other common myths:

  • It causes a lot of scarring: While this was true at some point, modern hospitals use laparoscopy in gallbladder surgeries. It takes only three to four small cuts that leave negligible scars.  
  • The surgery only removes gallstones: Although the term “gallstone removal surgery” might suggest otherwise, it doesn’t just remove gallstones. The entire gallbladder would be removed, because an inflamed gallbladder develops gallstones recurrently. 
  • Gallstones are caused by excess fat: While a diet with a high fat content can cause pain in the gallbladder and make it contract, it won’t result in gallstones. 

At Miracles Healthcare, we have the best general surgeon in Gurgaon for gallstone removal surgeries. We are always willing to answer our patients’ queries and help them stay clear of such misconceptions.   


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