Do not let your physical and mental health get affected during COVID19 Here is how?

The pandemic due to Corona virus is an immense risk to our entire population, not only to human beings but also to the economic distress it is causing in our lives. We have encountered the highest economic pullback and unemployment spike in recent times. All these financial and health crises inevitably have an immense impact on people’s behavior and mental health. According to the reports of some of the best Internal Medicine doctors in Gurgaon, COVID19 has caused challenges due to the fear of the virus, longer physical distance, collective grief, and social quarantine. 

How to Prevent COVID-19 from affecting your physical and mental health?

People are getting affected and becoming angrier, agitated, overly suspicious, anxious, stressed, and withdrawing during the lockdown and the quarantine period. 

Physical Health

According to research data, people with less physical activity and enhanced sedentary time during the isolation period are more susceptible to the Coronavirus. Thus, the doctors recommend physical exercise sessions of at least 150 minutes of average intensity aerobic exercises during the entire week. You can also practice 75 minutes/ week of intense weight-bearing workouts in between your sedentary time. Exercise will also improve the power of the immune system and other functional abilities.

Mental Health

Social Distancing is also responsible for negative implications on the mental health of people. Perceiving loneliness is leading to an extensive range of various psychological problems. These might include nervousness, despair, and other negative thoughts. You can start doing meditation for at least 30 minutes every day that will bring some peace to your restful mind. 

Other ways to improve your mental and physical health during COVID-19

According to the recommendation of the best Internists in Gurgaonpeople can also improve their mental and physical health in the below ways.

  • Encourage yourself to listen to music or read your favorite books
  • Talk with your friends and relatives over the phone or video call as communication helps to relieve unnecessary stress
  • Create a caring and sensitive environment for the elderly and children in your home
  • Stop watching television for the entire day
  • Always try to be physically active by doing exercises and playing with your children or pet
  • Follow all your regular schedule and routine to maintain a peaceful environment in your home
  • Provide the information to any elder in your abode in a reassuring and filtered way

Enhanced Suicide Tendencies during COVID-19 pandemic

It is reported that there are almost 30000 suicides this year due to the lockdown and pandemic effect. Thus it is significant to maintain a social distance but also check on near and dear ones if they are doing good or if everything is okay with them. In this way, you might stop many suicide attempts and encourage people to live healthy lives.

Summing it up 

A healthy diet and kindness are the two best healing forces to cope-up with the pandemic of COVID-19. Do not let any negative thoughts affect your physical and mental health in any way by implementing the above measures in your life. 


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