Effects of Snoring on Health

Everybody snores occasionally, be it a baby, adult or a pet. Recent studies show that at least one-third of the adult snores on a regular basis. Snoring is a very common thing to happen and needs to be treated by the best ENT doctor near you. However, most of the people really don’t know what snoring is and how it can affect their health. Snoring is basically a loud noise of breathing through the mouth or nose during sleep. This not only causes great distress for the sleeping partner but also affect snorer’s health in many ways. Before you discount your snoring as nothing out of the ordinary, allow me to explain some of the serious effects of snoring on health.

It causes sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a serious problem that may be caused as a result of snoring. According to the latest studies, people with sleep apnea have a 40% greater chance of dying early as compared to others. This serious problem carries a significant risk of early death and can cause other heart-related problems as well. There is a myth that sleep apnea is only caused by overweight; however, individuals with normal weight and snoring habits are also at a high risk.


It is shocking to know that people with long-term snoring problem develops an irregular heart rhythm, also known as Arrhythmias. They are more likely to get affected by atrial fibrillation, the most common type of Arrhythmias. Snoring sometimes also affect the conductive system of the heart.

Causes Stress and other mental health issues

A snorer has to deal with numerous health issues and stress is one of them. According to some facts, snorer wakes up many times during sleep which drastically cuts into their sleep time. Due to the lack of sleep, a snorer remains stressful throughout the day. Snoring greatly affects the mental well-being of a person which in turn causes depression and crankiness, owing to the lack of sleep. A recent survey shows that the more daytime sleepiness people report, the high are their chances of having anxiety and mild depression.


Are you suffering from frequent morning headaches? If yes, then let me know that snoring is the crucial reason for the same. Study of 308 people who are snorers shows that there is a strong connection between morning headaches and snoring. There is no surprise that a person with frequent headaches reports lower quality of life as compared to those whose head doesn’t hurt frequently.

Sexual Dissatisfaction

Surprised? But, it is true. A person with a habit of loud snoring suffers from sexual dissatisfaction. The louder they snored, the greater are their chances of less sexual satisfaction. However, there is no psychological connection between these two things. Recent research implies the fact that people with bad snoring habit don’t have the urge for intimate relationships. Seek medical treatment for snoring at the best ENT Clinic near you and get back into the game.

Snoring is not only embarrassing but also produce bad effects on the snorer’s health. If you’re a habitual snorer then seek immediate medical help and get this problem treated.


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