Health Problems You May Face During Pregnancy

Some women do not face any kind of complications during their pregnancy and childbirth. However, the chances are never zero as the journey is different for every woman. So, it is better to be aware of the health problems that may pose during your pregnancy. You can contact the best gynaecologist in Gurgaon to guide you throughout the journey till childbirth and help you prevent complications.

Here are the most common health problems that a woman may face during her pregnancy:


One of the major Iron-deficiency related issues, Anaemia is common in many pregnant women. This occurs when there is less red blood cell count in the body. For the development of the baby in the womb, a woman needs more iron in her body. Symptoms include tiredness and weakness.

High-Blood Pressure

A woman with high blood pressure may lead to complications during childbirth. It is measured by the pressure asserted by the arteries in your body. The best gynaecologist hospital in Gurgaon will try to accommodate necessary treatments for the pregnant woman to avoid any health risks.

Anxiety and Depression

The journey of pregnancy can be stressful due to the drastic changes occurring in the body. If the woman does not take the help of an expert, this will lead to significant effects on the baby and the mother’s health.


Irregular bowel movements are common among pregnant ladies. It is caused by the change in hormones in the body. Drinking plenty of water and eating high fiber rich foods can help with constipation.


You might feel a sudden sharp pain in your legs or calf which is most common at night. These can be relieved by light exercises, movements, or walking at interval times. 

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